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" Friendship is a sheltering tree "


Hello Brazil!

July 25th, 2018

Despite all its down-sides, I love the internet. It puts us in touch with great people all over the world. Out of the blue I was contacted the other day by a young guy who is a teacher in Brazil. He has a Youtube channel with over 54,000 subscribers and he wanted to celebrate achieving that number by having me send a message, along the lines of ‘Tea with  Druid’, to his subscribers. He then ‘topped and tailed’ it with a message, and created Portuguese captions. The result is now I’m in touch with loads of people from Brazil. What a warm feeling! Olá novos amigos no Brasil!

Here’s the video Yuri put together. In it I talk about the search for enlightenment vs. the search for wisdom. Do you like the ‘Magician’s Study’ lamp Stephanie bought for the desk? And if you speak Portuguese, have a look at Yuri’s channel and website. It’s good stuff!

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