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Healing Retreat

March 2nd, 2011

Along with a number of colleagues, we have organized a healing retreat to be held this September, and to my great surprise nearly all the places were booked on it within a few weeks of it being announced. There will be a total of 40 of us on the retreat : 10 ‘staff’ to support 30 retreatants, and there are currently seven places left. There is a new website specially on the retreat, and here are two excerpts from the website:

Druid Healing Retreats seek to recharge, energize and heal us on every level of our being: Spiritual, Psychological, Emotional and Physical. Retreats work with meditation, exercise, diet, counselling, massage, healing rituals, saunas, swimming, and more – all within a natural environment and within the Druid ethos.

One of the goals of Druidry, alongside the attainment of love, wisdom, and creativity, is good health and long life. Little has been written on how Druidry can offer a truly wholistic approach to healing and longevity, undoubtedly because there are few direct references to these subjects in the writings about Druids of the classical Greek and Latin authors. But with a little thought, and with help from the Story of Taliesin and other Celtic stories, we believe it is possible to construct a truly Druidic system of health-care, that encourages long life, and is both preventative and curative. Read more

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