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" The songs of our ancestors

are also the songs of our children "

The Druid Way

Happy Solstice!

June 21st, 2019

Suspended lion face
Spilling at the centre
Of an unfurnished sky
How still you stand,
And how unaided
Single stalkless flower
You pour unrecompensed.

The eye sees you
Simplified by distance
Into an origin,
Your petalled head of flames
Continuously exploding.
Heat is the echo of your

Coined there among
Lonely horizontals
You exist openly.
Our needs hourly
Climb and return like angels.
Unclosing like a hand,
You give for ever.

~ Philip Larkin

One Response to “Happy Solstice!”

  1. šŸ¤—šŸŒžāœØ lovely, the imagery is fabulous! Happy solstice šŸ”„

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