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" Friendship is a sheltering tree "


Happy Solstice!

December 21st, 2016

Hello and Happy Solstice! This morning Stephanie and I were on a windswept hill in Sussex, braving the elements with friends to see in the new astronomical year. As ever, it was worth the effort to see the pale light of morning in the far distance on the sea by the white cliffs of the Seven Sisters.
Let’s hope the coming year is more uplifting than the past year has been – that more stability, common-sense, peace and humanity can show itself.
Here is a brief video I made to talk about the book I’ve just released, which is all about bringing more of these qualities into our lives:

Here’s what my friend and assistant Maria says about it:

“This little book is a real gem! It can be tempting to assume that the art of Magic is some great arcane and inaccessible mystery found only in obscure and unfathomably old tomes; at worst an anachronism in our scientific age, at best a fairy tale fiction. Lessons In Magic urges us to recognise that Magic is actually very real, accessible and in tune with our 21st Century sensibilities and it does this in a wonderfully concise and unfussy way.

Philip Carr-Gomm’s book is divided into five chapters, each dealing with a different stage in the magical process. These are beautifully written and include questions to ask yourself (self-knowledge being a cornerstone of successful magic), useful and achievable practical exercises and commentaries that sum up and reiterate the key points of each lesson. The approach is a seamless weaving together of the fascinating worlds of magic, spirituality and psychology, and this blending only serves to strengthen its composite parts. Philip Carr-Gomm takes the reader on a step by step journey, clearly and simply signposting all the pitfalls and obstacles and their possible causes, guiding us to discover the manifestation abilities that we all possess in our hearts, minds and hands. It is both a deeply practical and inspiring book but don’t be fooled by its seeming simplicity, the process that Philip lays out here is potentially profound and life-changing.

It takes great skill and a life-time’s worth of experience –based wisdom to be able to hone down the key elements of this subject and present them in a way that is not only easy to grasp but that also fires your spirit into action. I got a real buzz reading this book – and had several ‘yes!’ moments. As Philip suggests, putting this process into action can sometimes be a challenge but this is the value of the book. It is both a rallying call to live the life you suspected you were always meant to live and a guidebook to help get you there. I know I will turn to it again and again to remind myself of the importance of each step and to encourage myself in staying focused on the possibilities.

Philip’s writing has warmth and wisdom – this little book encapsulates in spirit all the brilliant advice of an encouraging friend and the deep knowledge of a magical sage. It may be little but it packs a powerful magical punch. Highly recommended!”

You can find it as a paperback through the links here.

Or you can find it as an ebook on Kindle or here: