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Happy Samhain

October 31st, 2018

Happy Samhain everyone!

A friend in New Zealand reminded me today of something I wrote ages ago about Moy Mell – the Land of Honey. On this beautiful autumn day here in Sussex, with the leaves turning a burnished gold, it feels like a good message to hear at this time of Samhain, when we honour the Departed Ones with a feast of bread, salt, wine and honey. And as we taste that honey, we can think of those we love, separated from us in the physical world, but always with us in Moy Mell, the Land of Honey:

“In every one of us, if we can still our questing heart and our puzzling mind, there is a secret doorway Who knows how you will find this doorway? Through great suffering, so that one day you turn aside, and in anguish stumble upon the key – there in your heart? Through reading the lines of a poem, or hearing the words of a song that lead you to this hidden place? Or will it be when you grow old – when the seeking of fame and fortune, of possession and distraction, weary you at last, and you take the first deliberate steps towards a discovery of the Soul that Breathes within you?

However you journey to this doorway, however young or old, however driven by sadness, or delight in exploring, once you turn its handle and step forward into the realm this doorway reveals, your life will change forever. For you will discover there the land that is known to the Druids and Celts of Old as Tir-n’an-Og, the Land of Eternal Youth. Some call it Tir-na-Moe, the Land of Promise, others Moy-Mell, the Land of Honey. It is the Secret Heaven within each one of us, that if we dare to enter, we discover is not bounded by the limits of our mind or soul, but is coexistent with the Universe. There we never age, and live in perfect health and joy – feeding our hearts with the love of all Creation, and expressing our beauty and our strength in acts of noble generosity and courage.

For some it is easy to travel to this place. They have learnt the ways, and know the routes that magic, and the teachers of old, have laid across this trackless land, and they come and go through this doorway, refreshing their bodies, hearts and minds – bringing with them the gifts of youthfulness, of healing and of art. But for others it is only through great trials that they discover Tir-n’an-Og (Moy-Mell).”  

From ‘The Healing Island of Moy Mell’ on the ‘Sacred Nature’  audio collection of meditations.                 

2 Responses to “Happy Samhain”

  1. I’ve only just caught up and read this, following a Scottish breakfast of porridge of course living here but with the addition of honey from where I was born – Salisbury Plain. A touch of my birth home deliberately placed. And at a time when I am seeing doorways everywhere…… I am finally getting down to writing….. and the doorways are opening up everywhere.

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