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" The world is mud-luscious

and puddle-wonderful "


Happy Christmas!

December 24th, 2015


…the gleam in your heart
and your eye,
another sun rising,
the old memories alive
after a long night of absence
and the world again
suddenly worth
worth seeing,
worth innocence,
worth everything.

~ David Whyte, extract from the poem Sligo Glen: Walking Out of Silence

9 Responses to “Happy Christmas!”

  1. thank you, Philip. May the return of the sun shine many blessings of health, hope, love, and many growth adventures to you and Stephanie. Many thanks again for reviewing my homeopathic book. But above all, thank you for your inspirations. Oh how you enrich my life on this planet! Much Love, Shelley Keneipp

  2. This is a fabulous picture,thank you.
    To change the subject,does anyone know of a helpful poem for young man..aged 26 whose birthday is Jan 3rd..he searches and has much to give,but falls back into Yorkshire sarcasm too often for his own good. Very anti Christian.

    • Maggie: The New Romantics are awesome. Anything from Melanie Challenger and Dan Beachy-Quick. Dan’s collection “Mulberry” might be an easy initiation into acceptance and openness. Mulberry trees bear leaves of different sizes and shapes as if their evolution were continuing at a visible rate and Dan’s verse slows down change and time to a luminous visibility. He weaves green forms of truth and love and incorporation. None of us are separate. We are all wounded and healed by the same organic materials. May your young friend’s harder heart let go, as the leaves have, and open into a wider more expansive and loving world.

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