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Black Elk

The Great British Skinny Dip

September 4th, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 15.23.12This weekend is the official weekend for skinny dipping in Britain. Don’t ask who has made it official, or why the gods have decided to drop the temperature and switch on the rain this weekend either, instead join the throngs who are undoubtedly skinny dipping at this moment.

Or turn to the worlds of culture, religion and politics to explore the phenomenon of nudism from the comfort of your home, and perhaps your clothes too! The BBC asked me to curate an iWonder page on Naturism and a timeline too. They are nicely illustrated and you can find them here:

The Great British Skinny Dip

A Brief History of Nudity & Naturism – an Illustrated Timeline

2 Responses to “The Great British Skinny Dip”

  1. Sorry – it’s much too early to go skinny-dipping for us hardy Orkney folk – we prefer doing our annual skinny-dip on New Year’s day, when the Atlantic is just a peedie bit above freezing! (All done for charity of course.)- and followed by a wee dram (or six) to warm us up again!

  2. Yes, it is one of those imponderables to me: Why, when we are all much the same in so many ways, and all of course naked under the clothing, is it still such a contentious, prevalent part of so many human cultures that the body must remain covered, on pain of all sorts of penalties, even when the weather is fine? And in western culture, it often applies more stringently to women than to men — I have never really understood why all of this continues down through the centuries — why such a cultural lag?

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