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Grail Alchemy

February 25th, 2014

I recently had the pleasure of reading andgrail-alchemy endorsing Mara Freeman’s wonderful new book Grail Alchemy – Initiation in the Celtic Mystery Tradition:

Mara’s book encourages the reader to take up the quest in search of this most enigmatic symbol of spiritual healing and integration. Her richly detailed text documenting the Grail’s mythic and cultural history is harmoniously balanced with a series of beautiful and powerful meditations and rituals that enable the seeker to open to the Grail’s deeper Mysteries. Mara marries these elements with depth and wisdom, offering an experience of the Grail as a living, transformative presence at the heart of Self and Creation. A wonderfully inspiring book.

Mara’s book is out now and is well worth a read. For more information see here.

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