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" Live out of your imagination

not your history "

Stephen R. Covey

A glorious opportunity for Britain?

June 25th, 2016

From the Independent yesterday: It’s hard to digest what happened this morning in the UK, especially when Boris Johnson and Michael Gove – the supposed triumphant victors of the whole charade – are standing in front of you looking like they’re speaking at a funeral. This is a “glorious opportunity for Britain”, Boris said in the tone of a political prisoner reading out a false confession. And in many ways he is a prisoner of his own politics. He played with the idea of Brexit, probably expecting a narrow victory for Remain and the opportunity to ride the momentum of angry pro-Leave sentiment right to the Prime Minister’s office. Now, instead, he faces the possibility of actually having to steer Britain out of the EU and into a brave new world of probable recession, continued austerity and isolation from our nearest neighbours. Read more here.

There’s a petition for a second referendum to be held, now that people realise what is at stake. Over a million people have signed it already. The government has said that the referendum is final, but why does it have to be? Every serious decision merits careful appraisal and re-appraisal, politicians happily change their minds all the time – and apparently a rule can be evoked to call for a second referendum. If you are a British citizen you can sign here.

8 Responses to “A glorious opportunity for Britain?”

  1. Old Ebenezer Scrooge had the rare privilege to see the future and change his ways for the better and better of all. I was married before and now, remarried, have a totally wonderful wife and more kids to adore. I believe in second chances. I’m a Damn Yankee and live in Germany, but spent years living in England. “The British Situation” (as EU workers are officially instructed to call it) is disastrous for not only the UK, but the entire EU and rest of the world. One sees the plunging pound, businesses fleeing (although many are based in London, which was very pro Remain). One sees other countries conservative parties, like Le Penn’s jump on the band wagon and demand their nations leave the EU. It has a ripple effect which is seismic and no one can tell how bad the aftershocks will be. The consequences never seemed to have been explained properly or taken seriously. It reminds me of Donald Trump’s ascendency – no one thought he had a chance. Now look at him saying Brexit was great because he’ll make more money from his golf courses, at the expense of the UK. The ripple even spreads to othe3r directions as a US Congressman pushes once again for the US to leave the UN.
    The only sane thing to do is heed this call to petition for a second referendum. Now that people have gotten a taste of the consequences, see the demographics, leaders and activists can give more informed positions and perhaps be heard. I believe in second chances.

  2. Boris! Isn’t he clever? Usual method of palace coup is declare undying support for the PM, then stab in back. Boris deviously chose side likely to lose, made a stand on principle thinking he was buggering his political career. Too, too clever! Second referendum? But of course! What I most love about the British is their sporting spirit. Such graceful losers! Let’s go for best of five?

  3. Rather than having a second referendum (seriously?), why not ask the 3 million people who had no right to vote, and then see what the outcome is. I’m talking about the people who, like my self, are living, working, and paying tax in the United Kingdom (or should I say Devided Kingdom?), but are not British citizens.

    Marianne van der Es, Dutch citizen

  4. Oh, Oh, Oh! I am not a British citizen, but have ancestral roots there, was partly educated there, and I do love England as my second home, but not to the exclusion of the rest of the beautiful, varied living world! As seen from afar, it seems as if what afflicts parts of the UK currently is very akin to what afflicts segments of the USA (a’ la the loud and angry Trumpites here.) Ignorance about the true etiology of the economic failings that people are dissatisfied with has encouraged the wholesale convenient adoption of simplistic charismatic “solutions” which rely upon the human coping mechanisms of xenophobia and lapses into bigotry and hatred, while pulling on the nationalistic heartstrings. It is the duping of a huge segment of a nation in each case, for the manipulative purposes of a few avaricious individuals. So sad to contemplate what may come of it in both cases.

  5. I read the article in the independent and quite frankly I have never read such gibberish in my life! The people have spoken and they have said they would prefer Democracy and Freedom, freedom to choose who to do business with and NO to dictatorship. To ask for another referendum is just sour grapes because the vote didn’t go the way the remain camp wanted?
    It is going to be a rough ride but we will be better for it in the long run. I am full of optimism for the future of England.

  6. I agree with Angela Samson. This article is completely ridiculous, the people have spoken. Everyone should stop the vitriol and the whining – get a grip and ride the change. Try journeying to the ancestors and see what they have to say!

    • Yes! Time to move on. It’ll be so interesting looking back in three or four years – say Summer Solstice 2020 to see what’s happened, what the effects of this decision were!

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