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" Live out of your imagination

not your history "

Stephen R. Covey

Glastonbury Holy Thorn ~ Story of a Legend

October 20th, 2020

Dr Adam Stout  – one of OBOD’s Mount Haemus Scholars – has a fascinating new book out entitled Glastonbury Holy Thorn ~ Story of a Legend

‘The Holy Thorn of Glastonbury is the stuff that myth is made from. Stories grow on this famous tree like fruit, and wrap around it like creepers. It’s a shape-shifter. It’s been Catholic, Protestant, Pagan, universal. It’s succoured royalty, loyalty, defiance and subversion. It’s been condemned as patriarchal and revered as a feminine spirit. It’s been harnessed by imperialists and peacemakers and nationalists and universalists. It’s stood for better times and better days. For Christmas cheer and better nature, for all trees and all nature, for peace and for hope. This book is the biography of a symbol. Dr Adam Stout is a writer and historian, and has been a Visiting Research Fellow at the Universities of Wales, Leicester, Exeter and Southampton. He has written and lectured widely on the idea of Glastonbury.’

The book is available from outlets in Glastonbury, from Amazon, or (with free postage within the UK) from Green and Pleasant Books

Hardcover : 168 pages of text and b/w illustrations, plus 16 pages of colour plates, ISBN 1916268609. Published by Green and Pleasant Publishing at £12.99.

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  1. the last i knew the previous glastonbury thorn had been destroyed by an angry landowner possibly it has been replaced by now i don’t think the tree is still the original tree anymore i think it gets replaced quite often.

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