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From the Cauldron Born

March 28th, 2013

Kristoffer Hughes’ book From the Cauldron Born – Exploring the Magic of Welsh Legend and Lore is now out and is well worth a read. Kris explores the Taliesin myth in wonderful detail, not only deepening the reader’s understanding of the story’s history and Celtic roots but engaging us with the archetypal nature of this compelling myth, enabling a deepening and widening appreciation of this inspiring tale of transformation. Kris also offers rituals, meditations and practical exercises that ground the inspiration, allowing the reader to connect in a personal way to the gifts of wisdom layered within the story’s depths.

We can so often skim the surface of myths and stories, never really touching upon their power. Kris illustrates the worth of delving deep, of immersing ourselves in these magical tales that speak to our souls and that have the potential to lead us on the most extraordinary of journeys; ones that will change us forever.

From the Cauldron Born gets the Awen flowing. A must read for Druids and all those fascinated by the transformative power of myth and story. It is published by Llewellyn and available on Amazon here


to the cauldron born

5 Responses to “From the Cauldron Born”

  1. Synchronicity or Philip’s working his Druid magic? This post was made at the same time I was ordering my copy on Amazon! Philips post 16:01, Amazon confirmation 16:21.I had waited a month to order this book to ease my credit card. However, it certainly looks a good read.

  2. Easily one of the best books on Druidry available today, i can only echo your words, and no self respecting person who labels themselves “Druid” should be without this book.
    It bridges the gap between academia and just another translation of one of our indigenous myths of this isle of the mighty, Ynys Prydein!
    I love it and heartily recommend it to anyone

  3. I’ve just finished reading this. It’s about time someone fell into the ‘myths’ this deeply in our tradition. Being within a myth as is done with the Hindu Puranas, instead of simply intellectualizing and dissecting, as we are taught to do in the West, is what they were intended for in the first place. Even more refreshing, written by a pagan living the way, not pasting, copying, assuming and fantasizing about it. Recommended.

  4. I second Keith Gilbert’s comment on Synchronicity coming out to play here. I bought this for my kindle only a day or so after this post. (Actually it’s because I bought the book that when I saw this post on my reader today I had to come say something! XD) I haven’t cracked it wholly just yet but what I’ve read is tantalizing and I’m truly excited about it!

  5. I listened to Kristoffer’s talk on Druidcast and was quite taken with his outlook. I was so happy to see this come out, it’s on my wish-list for sure 🙂

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