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" A good traveller has no fixed plans,

and is not intent on arriving "

Lao Tzu

Fracking will be Cameron’s Poll Tax

August 2nd, 2013

Margaret Thatcher entirely misjudged the mood of the British people when she pushed for the Poll Tax, and it led to her downfall.

I predict that the same fate awaits Cameron. He thinks the British people won’t care if their land is fracked, as long as the money rolls in.

Watch as over the coming months ‘Middle England’ becomes increasingly disturbed by the thought of their countryside being assaulted. Members of the National Trust, the Woodland Trust, the RSPB, number in their millions – and guess what? They don’t want water and chemicals blasted into the earth beneath them to release gas and oil. They want development money and tax breaks given for a sustainable energy industry, not for an old boys’ network that will bleed the earth dry beneath their feet for a fast buck.

If you think I’m being unrealistic see here.

Protesters attempt to stop lorry entering fracking site at Balcombe Sussex August 2013

Protesters attempt to stop lorry entering fracking site at Balcombe Sussex August 2013

12 Responses to “Fracking will be Cameron’s Poll Tax”

  1. I really hope fracking does turn out to be Cameron’s Poll Tax! I’ve stopped using gas at home now as I don’t want to be supporting fracking in any way at all. Now I’m all-electric and powered by renewables.

  2. …and did you see the article in (yesterday’s??) “Guardian” newspaper that the firm involved are even trespassing onto peoples land (even their gardens forgawdsake!) exploring and setting off explosions looking for this stuff. One guy has won compensation out of the firm because they have trespassed onto his land so many times (even continuing after he had ordered them off in no uncertain terms).

  3. I agree, and I believe that ”MOTHER” will play some part in changing the minds and actions,, of those who think they are in ”high places”.

  4. I believe that fracking will be the worst assault on our land committed by the conservatives since their attempt to sell off the forests … despite the evidence of earth tremors and water table contamination in the USA where this practice started, this government and its friends in high places will stop at nothing. This case has come to the attention of Greenpeace and the 38 degrees campaigning website so take heart we are not alone! Maybe Damh the Bard can come up with a stinging song akin to that which he penned for the woodland campaign!

  5. Completely agree ws thinking of writing something similar. Going to take a while for people to wake up to this but when they do tories are out and so are any other cronys.

    • Hi Ross – the more people who write about it the better!! Today’s headlines were great – the crummy Daily Mail featured it on their front page as an outrage which is great!

  6. Living as I do in NC, in the US, I can deeply relate, and I sympathise with the anger that people are feeling there! In the mountains where I live there isn’t gas, but down in the lowlands there is, and our state legislature approved fracking there. Our legislature has just gone about as far to the right as you could – stopping short of where Texas went (which was passing legislation against male masturbation, because every sperm is a potential human being). Yes, that’s happening here in the US!
    I think the world’s going mad just now, Phillip!

  7. Hi Rylin,
    Yes it does seem mad doesn’t it! But that legislation against male masturbation – isn’t that a spoof? Some guy suggesting it to highlight the absurdity of some pro-life claims?

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