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Black Elk

FOMOMG: Tea with a Druid 46

October 23rd, 2018

Photo: Bob Fuhro
I came across an article on the BBC website today about a new acronym: FOMOMG – the Fear Of Missing Out on My Goals. It felt particularly relevant to me because I’ve been spending recent months working on creating an online course based on my book Lessons In Magic, which is focused on helping us achieve our goals. It will be available from November 2nd.
It’s good to have goals, but what happens when we fail to achieve one or more of them?
It’s easy to say that failure is often the best educator, and the best thing to do is learn from our mistakes, pick ourselves up again and keep going, but however true that advice might well be, it can be of little comfort when it seems you will never achieve what you are aiming for.
What to do? This is where Magic comes in. Magic works with the Opposites: Yin & Yang, Chalice and Blade, Light and Dark, the Conscious and Unconscious Mind. What is the opposite of arrival at a goal? Not arriving at it. Being here rather than there.
In this session we dive into the paradox of being a human, which means we are both Being & Becoming – we’re on our way AND we’ve already arrived.

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