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" The songs of our ancestors

are also the songs of our children "

The Druid Way

Falling in the Flowers ~ A Year in the Lives of American Druids

April 19th, 2019

A couple of years ago, brothers Benjamin and James Granderson produced a book entitled Falling in the Flowers. It was a photographic documentary about OBOD Druids in Maryland, Virginia, and the greater East Coast region of the United States. For over a year, they followed and documented the lives of members of the OBOD Seed Group: The Oak and Eagle. It is a beautiful book, with wonderful photos and a fascinating document of modern OBOD Druid practice.

I am so very sad to hear of Ben’s untimely passing and my heart and prayers go out to his family. Falling in Flowers is a wonderful gift that he left for us. Ben and James once explained to me that they felt the book offered a profound look at a segment of  OBOD, and it was their hope that this work would reach the greater OBOD community. It is my hope too. You can buy a copy of the Kindle edition here. Highly recommended!

6 Responses to “Falling in the Flowers ~ A Year in the Lives of American Druids”

  1. Thank you for your kind words, Philip.
    Terra Coven and the Oak and Eagle Grove lost a friend in Ben. He joined the sacred Circles with us at festivals such as OBOD East Coast Gathering, May Moon Beltane, and Earthweavers. He blessed us with his gorgeous photography, and even raised awareness with an exhibit in a Smithsonian building which portrayed the lives of modern Pagans throughout Virginia. I was so proud of him as he and I were standing in its presence for the world to see.
    He was present at my wedding, taking photographs, and even scoring a dance with his favourite bridesfolk. We never got to see those photos, but the memory of seeing him out there holding his camera, lost and engaged in his passion, was gift enough.
    We shared many laughs around the sacred fyres and in the festival dining halls. I’ll never forget a couple particular moments, when I was bringing folks back from a guided ritual exercise, and Ben was still lingering in the visions. I paused in front of him and quietly asked if he was alright, he twitched, and without opening his eyes, smacked his lips and said, “…yeah!”. I chuckled at that the rest of the weekend. And then at ECG, he was just zoning out, and Daisy said his name. He snapped out of it and looked at us like he was returning from some journey and quickly shutting the door behind him.
    And now, although he may have actually traveled from this plain, he is immortalised not only by the images and visual memories, but before he departed us, he managed to also immortalise several of us alongside him in his book “Falling in the Flowers: A Year in the Lives of American Druids”. Well played, my friend.
    Ben, wherever you are on your journey, be well. The chalice will be raised in your honour at this year’s gatherings. Listen for us calling your name as the fyre carries it into the nyte. And if you ever feel like visiting, there will be a place set for you at Samhuinn. Be blessed. We’ll share the mead again in the Greater Grove.

    Your friend,

    Hex Nottingham

    • As Bens older brother I am so pleased to hear more wonderful things about him and the people who cherished him. His loss spans so many people of different backgrounds he will never be forgotten.

      • Good to hear from you Bryant. All my condolences to you and the family. I understand the book will be published in paperback – that’s great news.

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