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Black Elk

Facing the Darkness

October 4th, 2013


Modern Druid and Pagan thought encourages an engagement with all aspects of life. As we honour the cycles of the Wheel of the Year – of sun,  moon and season – we learn that we must embrace both the joyful times of growth and expansion and the more challenging experiences of contraction and dissolution. In seeking to encounter both the light and the dark with an open heart – acknowledging the value of both – we can meet each phase of our life with a greater involvement and understanding. However, it remains undoubtedly true that happiness is a lot easier to welcome than crisis, and little has been written about how, as Druids and Pagans, we deal with the darker times.


Cat Treadwell’s latest book Facing the Darkness (published by Moon Books), does just this. Drawing on her own experience of depression, she guides the reader through this painful condition, exploring with touching honesty the experience and offering simple coping techniques without preaching, judgement or expectation. Facing the Darkness reads like the honest and loving guidance of a good friend who has been there and knows.

Although Cat offers techniques and processes, she understands fully that there are moments in depression when nothing works to shift the debilitating numbness that can overtake a sufferer. Acknowledging this can be healing in itself because so often we harshly judge ourselves when we are low and unable to affect a change in our outlook. Cat’s book asks that we be tenderly patience and compassionately honest with ourselves, and in doing so, come to see moments of despair as valuable a life-lesson as any other.

For reviews and more information about the book click here 

7 Responses to “Facing the Darkness”

  1. Thanks Philip, that sounds really very good. As someone who’s faced the dark over the span of my entire life (and one who has also recently found Wicca) I can see the relevance. Blessed Be, David.

  2. I will definitely be buying this book. The chance to see how someone on a spiritual path like mine has learned to deal with depression will definitely help me and undoubtedly allow me to pass on any insights gained to family and friends.

    That knowledge in itself is a very positive, healing thing. Positivity always radiates out to those around you and that will always ripple back to you in the end when you see you’ve made a dark time in someone’s life a little easier to bear.

    It’s like watching a positive-energy, healing pin-ball bouncing round the karmic cosmos, all bright and shiny! 😀 /| )O(

  3. Thank you so much for this. As synchronicity would have it, I am moving into my own serious recovery through depression and abuse. I am bookmarking this and looking the book up.

    Blessings to you!

  4. I am interested in reading this book to gain insight. There are members of my family, including myself, who would benefit greatly.

  5. I will probably buy this book. Over the years we have had dark times. I find that now I can step back and realise that dark times are part of life’s cycle and that relieves a bit of the anxiety.

    My Druid practice has helped a lot with the acceptance and the knowledge that we move through cycles, and we can always learn more. Thanks for this.

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