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" The world is mud-luscious

and puddle-wonderful "


Druidry in Brazil

Published by Philip Carr-Gomm

A short Preface to the Brazilian Portuguese edition of DruidCraft:

Far across the seas, on the other side of the planet, and in another hemisphere, two magical traditions have developed on the tiny island of Britain, which trace their origins to long before the arrival of Christianity. Somehow – like messages in a bottle that have drifted across the oceans – a small book about how you might combine their practices has washed up on the shores of your continent, and you are holding it now in your hands.

At first glance, it might seem strange to be interested in these two paths of Druidism and Wicca if you live in South America. After all, both these traditions come from a long way away. And yet, everything is moving and flowing across our planet – from the water in the oceans to the winds that circulate high above us, from the migrations of peoples out of Africa many thousands of years ago, to the circulation of ideas and images that now occurs with lightning speed, thanks to the internet. And do spiritual paths really originate in specific locations on the Earth, or do they tumble into our world of Space-Time from some other dimension – from the heart of the Great Mother, from the Mind of God, from beyond Space and Time?

In the practices you will learn in this book, in the old stories you will read, I hope you will find traces of these origins beyond time and culture – in a world where the rivers and mountains can speak to you, and the winds whisper messages of inspiration to you as you dream beneath the stars.

Philip Carr-Gomm
Lewes, Imbolc 2015