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" A good traveller has no fixed plans,

and is not intent on arriving "

Lao Tzu

Equinox Blessings!

September 22nd, 2020

Night and Day by Christian Schloe

The Equinox feels very much like a brief pause; a moment of stillness. At this time of equal night and day, before the scales tip their balance and we journey into growing light or darkness, may this moment of equilibrium be reflected within you today, and may it bring your peace, clarity and strength. /|\ /|\ /|\

One Response to “Equinox Blessings!”

  1. Many Thanks & Bright Blessings Philip. I enjoyed an inspiring & balancing (Solo) Alban Elfed Ceremony, & am Grateful for my OBOD connection. May All enjoy a bright & peaceful Fall Season. /|\

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