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Black Elk

England’s Mountains Green

February 20th, 2017

We live and work in Lewes – a historic town which is inside a National Park. Local vicar and virtually-a-druid-in-all-but-name, Peter Owen-Jones, has made a documentary about this park that is airing tomorrow at 9pm on BBC4 television. It looks like it’s going to be fabulous. The Radio Times says: “There are so many fantastic facts, it’s almost overwhelming. But the sight of the beautiful, rare adonis blue butterflies and bee orchids on the chalk grasslands will lift the heart.”

5 Responses to “England’s Mountains Green”

  1. Thanks for flagging this. I watched last night and was very engaged by a presenter both passionate and knowledgeable. Even through the TV the magic and sense of sacred space really came through. What a truly wonderful part of England. Blessings. Sooz.

  2. A great programme passionate and well presented. The magic of this landscape leaps from the scren into te living room.

    • Not shown in New Zealand either, but I found it on You Tube, it’s just gorgeous!

  3. excellent photography but rather random selection of sites to show. Loved the butterfly section.

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