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" Friendship is a sheltering tree "



November 11th, 2017


Our final dogwood leans
over the forest floor

offering berries
to the birds, the squirrels.

It’s a relic
of the days when dogwoods

flourished—creamy lace in April,
spilled milk in May—

their beauty delicate
but commonplace.

When I took for granted
that the world would remain

as it was, and I
would remain with it.

~ Linda Pastan

2 Responses to “Elegy”

  1. To gaze upon this picture which I enlarged is quite hypnotic. The rain drops quite still and reflective on the leaves. I saw similar in The Asha Centre yesterday, quite hypnotized by the contrasting colours of green, orange, yellow, brown and a terrific cerise red. I thanked the trees and mentally decided to try and copy those colours. A mindful exercise, I think. Much love and blessings to all. Margaret.

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