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Ecocide Trial this Friday at UK Supreme Court

September 26th, 2011

It has been proposed that Ecocide, the environmental equivalent of genocide, becomes the 5th International Crime Against Peace alongside Genocide itself, Crimes Against Humanity, Crimes of Aggression and War Crimes.

The new law has been proposed to the UN by British Environmental Lawyer, Polly Higgins who proposes that under the new law Heads of States and Directors of Corporations be required to take individual and personal responsibility for their actions.

On September 30th 2011, London’s Supreme Court of the United Kingdom will be the venue for a Mock Trial, played out as though the crime of Ecocide had already been adopted.

This clip introduces the idea, and the website is here.

4 Responses to “Ecocide Trial this Friday at UK Supreme Court”

  1. What a fantastic and timely proposition. This will, if passed, raise the profile of the environment from an option for some to an essential element of modern life for all. An element that has a powerful effect on all our lives and therefore should carry powerful consequences for those who deliberately harm it.

  2. In view of the Ecocide Trial taking place at the Supreme Court today I thought you might like to see this two minute video I have put on YouTube.

    The video tells the story of a gang’s plot to slash and burn 200,000 hectares of Bali to make way for a biofuel farm- on a 50 year lease. Please take a look at the links under the video – they tell the full story in full detail.

    Despite their appalling plan, the men you see in the video are still at large. They will continue with the plan if they can patch up their differences. Mohan Sajnani is currently wanted by Interpol.

    I gleaned the business plan from him when I met him covertly in Mumbai. I have handed his contact details to Interpol who are currently looking for him. Hopefully I am going to be starting a job in HongKong soon and when I get some money together I will be back on their trail. If I can’t bring them to justice for attempted Ecocide then, like Capone, they can be convicted for other offences.

    Bali Biofuels Business Plan here:!154

    You can find details about the Ecocide Trial here.

    PS Just after I posted the video to Youtube I discovered that Denis Hull is an old associate of Lenny McPherson, Australia’s Al Capone – no joke.

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