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Black Elk

Druids Plan Massive Sell-Off of Government

January 27th, 2011

A consultation document was issued today by the Druids, which sets out their proposals to sell most of the members of the British government. Very little opposition to the scheme has been voiced in the run-up to the publication, although the Druids admit that so far no buyers seem likely to come forward…

8 Responses to “Druids Plan Massive Sell-Off of Government”

  1. Oh, Excellent!

    I am reminded of Mark Twain’s remark that the United States Senate is the best group of men that money can buy. perhaps if you were to lower the price a bit; it always seems to work over here.



  2. c’mon….would you like to wake up, walk into your kitchen and find David Cameron and co sitting there and find in a wine infused moment the previous night you went on ebay, bid for the government and won……cant we just pulp them instead

  3. Advice to the rats running about outside No 10 Downing street and about to be culled.
    At the first opportunity, move inside the door and join your namesakes. There you will be free from persecution/prosecution and enjoy a lifestyle beyond your wildest dreams.

  4. I can only wonder in absolute amazement why no-one wants to buy this wonderful monument to freedom of choice for the people … those of public school education and who do not apparently understand the roots of our fantastic island heritage …. sadly Seriously would you buy such a shower of ——

  5. Brilliant idea. Would you be open to a quick email interview over the weekend to clarify your plans. To which ministers would the British public still have the right of access – assuming that any member of the public actually wants to access them. And which members of the government are for sale to private enterprise – oh what a silly question. I am serious about the interview, please do email me if you’re willing to do one. best wishes, Indra

  6. Is there a price list? I am looking for someone to help with my teaching work and I think an education minister would be ideal for this job…

  7. when death comes to me
    beneath the weight of a tree
    i hope it will be

    Sending blessings as i gaze at the snow enveloped oaks with the Fruen Mill backdrop.

    Peace on this last day of the January moon.

    Thank you.

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