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Druids – An Inspiring & Sensitive Film is out!

June 11th, 2019

Documentaries about Druids are either of the historical kind – covering the usual ground – or they are of the more sensationalist kind with sometimes cringe-making footage of rituals. We know rituals can be moving and beautiful experiences, but they often don’t film well.

But along comes a fantastic film – recently aired on French television – which breaks the mold. The directors focus on the lives of three French druids, and with spectacular photography and intimate conversations, manage to convey what it FEELS like to be a Druid – open to the beauties of Nature and the whisperings of Awen.

There is an English-language and French language version available for streaming. Do watch it – it’s heart-warming, visually entracing and authentic. Here’s what the directors say: “Annick, Jean-Jacques and Philippe live in Brittany, in the Vosges and in Burgundy. Annick, Jean-Jacques and Philippe are also Diannan, Ioan and Gwinver Druids: Neo-Druids. They guide us through magnificent natural sites and initiate us to their singular spiritual and philosophical worlds. Are they ecologists, poets, slightly mad or just walking their own paths? Everyone will find an answer with this documentary at the gates of shamanism, between imagination and reality. A sensitive film close to the protagonists’ feelings.”

Here’s the trailer. Click to watch it full-screen if you can!

DRUIDS neo (english version) from Les films du tilleul on Vimeo.

15 Responses to “Druids – An Inspiring & Sensitive Film is out!”

  1. Superbe!!!…Well done and well said, I believe more and more will find their way, they just have to stop the busy life…stop and reconnect…thank you, merci

  2. The trailer is lovely. From what I understand it is originally done in French? Do you know where I can access the French version?

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this, Philip! Profoundly beautiful! My heart and eyes overflowing in loving kinship whilst watching the railer!
    And Alsace is indeed truly magical – and just over the “border” from where I live in Germany.
    Heart to heart and hand in hand in a garland of love around our Sacred Earth! Gabriella

  4. Beautiful and moving, thank you so much for sharing Phiip. Is the full length film available yet?

  5. Thank you! Philip for your generosity of spirit, for sharing this.
    I watched this last night, and was inspired, as a very new member of OBOD. I enjoyed the authenticity of the people and place, it feels as though I have come home. The filming was of an incredible standard and does Mother earth a service showing her heartfelt beauty.

  6. Thank you for sharing Philip. I just watched the full length version and it is really beautiful. It really captures what draws us Druidry and the deep connection with the world around us.

  7. This link takes me to a version which is subtitled in English. Is that what you mean by English language version or am I watching the wrong link?

    • Yes that’s what I meant. It should give a link somewhere in it to the full-length version. That’s just the trailer.

  8. Such a beautiful and inspiring film, thank you for sharing this because I probably wouldn’t have found it otherwise.

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