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" A good traveller has no fixed plans,

and is not intent on arriving "

Lao Tzu

Druidry at the Paralympics

September 20th, 2012

One of the most extraordinary features of Druidry is the way it has been a part of the culture in Britain ever since the first Druids raised their sickles to the moon. Granted, much of the time that influence has been homeopathic in degree, but nevertheless it can be traced – most obviously from the Revival period onwards. For some people the Druids are like the Beefeaters in the Tower of London – anachronistic, a little silly even, but a part of our culture that should be preserved and enjoyed. But for more and more people the Druids represent two qualities that we all admire and need more than ever in this world: wisdom and a love of Nature.

These two qualities are not the sole preserve of Druids of course, but Druids today, and Pagans too, represent those who love the world and its turning seasons, and want to preserve, protect and celebrate it. How wonderful, then, that at the Paralympics closing ceremony the organisers took the bold step of featuring an invocation to the seasons inspired by Druidry and Paganism, and contributed by Philip Shallcrass, Chief of the British Druid Order, and Emma Restall Orr, founder of the Druid Network.

In the following clip you can see this part of the ceremony, and glimpse too the sundial feature which seems to have magical sigils on it, reminiscent of Dr Dee’s work (recently the subject of an amazing opera by Damon Albarn).

I’m in the USA at the moment, paddling in Walden Pond, celebrating Alban Elfed with the Mystic River Grove from Boston, but I wanted to post this, to share this fantastic achievement for contemporary Druidry. Bravo to Philip and Emma and all of those working with Druidry as a spirituality that can be of value in our modern world.