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Druidry as an Embodied Spirituality

January 15th, 2018

Here in the sixth of these informal talks, I consider the characteristics of the Ovate work in Druidry. This is the stuff most people want to get to first: it’s all about the magical powers of trees and plants, stones and stars. It’s about the Otherworld, shamanic journeying in the quest for hidden knowledge. But how come in the training of the Order of Bards Ovates & Druids, we have to do all this music and story-telling Bardic stuff first? In this talk I explain why, and we look at the paradoxical nature of Ovate work- that it is related to embodiment but at the same time ideas about disembodiment and the Otherworld. Confused? I hope you won’t be once you’ve heard the talk!
And if you want to dive deep into what the statement ‘Druidry is an Embodied Spirituality’ means, read this article by Jorge Ferrer: ‘Embodied Spirituality: Now & Then’.

5 Responses to “Druidry as an Embodied Spirituality”

  1. Thank you for the link to Jorge Ferrer’s paper. I found it a very complete reflection on some of the difficulties I have with both conventional religion and alternative spiritualities. Somehow he managed to achieve balance without judgment – a challenging task.

  2. Really enjoying these teas and talks, thank you Phillip. Can’t get onto the facebook ones so watching them later but still feel a wonderful sense of connection with all you lovely people. My cat Emrys particularly liked this one, and purred all through the part about embodied spirituality.

  3. Speaking of body and soul… I really enjoyed the explanation and can really identify myself with the exploration of body and soul, relating to Ancestry etc… But strangely, only one question comes to mind… What is your opinion on the Dungeons & Dragons game, Mr Carr-Gomm? And what level is your druid? (No offence intended, just joking a bit ^^)

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