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A Druid Retreat Centre

February 5th, 2015

Druid retreat centre3The marvellous thing about the OBOD Facebook page is that all sorts of people visit it, not only Druids. Molly Ramsay contacted us via Facebook asking for some information that she could use to help develop her University project. Molly is a talented interior design student and had been asked to design a Druid Shrine for the United Nations Building in Guadalajara as part of her course. Here Molly talks about her project and shares photos of her wonderful Druid Retreat Centre:

My name is Molly Ramsay and I am an interior design student at Florida State University. In one of my classes, students were asked to design a religious shrine dedicated to Druidism for the United Nations building in Guadalajara, Mexico. After extensive research of Druidism and Druid ideals, I began the project with the concept of the four elements– earth, air, fire, and water. The design solution succeeds in accommodating the United Nations Druid retreat center’s visitors through its dynamic interpretation of Druid ideals through the use of color, materials, and structural elements. While standing on the south deck of the space, users are greeted with an expansive view of the landscape to the left and right. The building’s front façade is a live wall with the religious logo and signage protruding from the foliage. Upon Druid retreat centre2entering the space, visitors are provided with clear sight lines to the back of the space where the worship area is located. The user then encounters a blue interactive pathway reactive to his/her body heat, alluding to the interactive qualities of water. Along the outskirts of the pathway are columns that resemble trees to further connect to Druidism and their ideas of nature, and trees specifically, being sacred. These columns connect to the top of the space forming a veiny leaf pattern along the ceiling. As the user approaches the worship area, he/she will be framed by art installations to his/her left and right. To the left is a string piece backlit by a partition wall reading “We are all connected by the web of life.” To the right is a series of pictures and windows. The pictures represent the four elements while the windows provoke the user to consider the four elements at play in the outside world. Once reaching the worship area, the user is confronted by four columns, each containing an element: earth, air, fire, and water. ~ Molly Ramsay



Druid retreat centre4Druid retreat centre

8 Responses to “A Druid Retreat Centre”

  1. mmm I still think we need tents and trees and waterfalls and lakes and naked nature once in a while..

  2. Great project, lovely design.

    Yes hope there is going to be the sounds of nature and a place to swim 🙂
    and that the people who use such a centre if it gets built discover some real
    peace from it and in turn are inspired to do good works from it.

  3. This is really interesting. Not only about the beautiful result.. but the matter that students are asked to “design a religious shrine dedicated to Druidism for the United Nations building in Guadalajara ” this a great sign of change !

  4. A fascinating exercise 🙂
    Anything which improves understanding is good.

    I hope she also factored in that the planting should be native to the land they are in, and the site suitable for that use (ie: reclaimed brown fields etc) 🙂

    Lastly, just a passing mention that although all are welcome at the OBOD page, and in the OBOD friends group, that the OBOD facebook group is specifically a members only group where validation of membership is needed to join.

  5. second try My daughter is a amazing anthropology Major and light worker and the daughter of me….A Member of Obod. A practitioner of energy work and Native American adopted Medicine Man and did Many Native and Gaelic Sweats with My Daughter and son Keegan. I practice a shamanic form of energy work.. I practice Herbal Medicine I learned from the Blackfoot….I sing ceremony songs in Gaelic translated by Donnie McDonald Of Men Of Worth the Celtic Band..He Grew up on the Isles.. I am willing to share the songs..they bring in spirit on a sacred frequency and are Native Translations… I use them and are amazing.. SO I always wished for a place to practice and heal people so I support this it is fantastic……blessed be Paul McKye of the family McKey from Mide the sacred center where the great ash tree grew from Vission….

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