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Druid Magazine Launches

June 20th, 2015

headerThe world of magazines is changing. Despite the internet we still want them and need them, with their mix of latest news, photo features and articles that will last longer than newspaper stories. People keep magazines, but only researchers or obsessives keep newspapers in any quantity. And with the web a new generation of magazines has been born. Now you can interact with the features – click on links that take you off on tangents, even listen to embedded audios or videos in some.
In the wonderful world of Druidry there are at least seven magazines that I know about – and six of these are online. Touchstone, the members-only magazine of OBOD continues to be issued in print only, but Druidic Dawn’s Aontacht is published online, and so are the other five magazines, all published by OBOD groups. The latest one to hit the virtual news stands is DRUID, published in New York by an impressive editorial team, led by the indefatigable Renu Aldrich, who sees herself as a Hindu Druid, as she explains in her introduction to the new magazine.
Head on over there now – 66 pages of fabulous articles and photographs await you: Druid Magazine!

4 Responses to “Druid Magazine Launches”

  1. Dear friends,
    please accept my warm wishes to you for joyful Alban Hefin! Congratulations for the first issue of this wonderful magazine! If there is an opportunity I would very much like to have it on paper if published. Will it be printed?

    Once again – all the best for the upcoming Solstice holidays!


    • Thank you Dimitar! It is only available online as pdf, but you could of course print this out if you wish!

  2. I downloaded the PDF of Druid Magazine and read it from cover to cover yesterday, after I saw the announcement here. It is very nicely done. I enjoyed the informative mix of perspectives and topics. I was particularly intrigued to learn that about half of OBOD’s membership resides in the Americas—that was something I did not know!

    Blessings of the solstice to you, yours, and all,

  3. I will be downloading the PDF is a few minutes. What a wonderful gift to arrive on the Solstice. Thank you and blessing to you all.


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