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" Live out of your imagination

not your history "

Stephen R. Covey

Don’t be Afraid to be Different! Tea with a Druid 17

April 2nd, 2018

Here’s the recording of the latest of the ‘Tea’ sessions which I am now renaming ‘Tea with a Druid’. After wrestling with whether to call today’s recording ‘Tea with Philip 16’ and last week’s session ‘Coffee with Damh 1’, I figured it was such fun having Damh do a Monday session I would invite more guests in the future and just make sure they only drink tea! And I bet you Damh will be back some time soon!

This week we’re looking at the pressures we feel to be ‘normal’. What is normal? To follow the path of fear, greed, and exploitation of the earth’s resources and people, or to celebrate our uniqueness and our commonalities too – to dare to be different, eccentric even?

I talk about the eccentric history of Druidry, the lessons of the Phoenix, and of New Orleans, where the elemental powers of Earth, Air and Water have combined with tragic consequences, and yet the spirit of the city is still triumphant – eccentric and beautiful – and not ‘normal’ at all! I mention the work of Otto Rank and his best interpreter Sheldon Solomon, which if you are into Psychology will likely interest you, and I reference the book and film Status Anxiety by Alain de Botton. Here’s the film:

4 Responses to “Don’t be Afraid to be Different! Tea with a Druid 17”

  1. Normal people scare me. Or sadden me? Does that sound superior? I guess we’re all trapped in programmes to varying degrees but what a miserable world it would be without purple pointed hats and small furry creatures.

    • Hi Tara, I felt like you some time ago about ‘normal’ people…..but I have found recently that ‘normal’ people are really refreshing and that spiritual people can be a bit scary! The norm can be strangely satisfying and grounding sometimes…

  2. This was my favourite Tea session – I listened to it 3 times – 6 cups of tea later! I was very moved by what you said about being previously embarrassed by your spiritual path, that’s where I am stuck right now. I am a shamanic practitioner and healer and really struggle with explaining what I do to the world. I actually met and spoke to you Philip at the plant consciousness weekend in Dunderry park, where I did my shamanic training. I’m working through this slowly – this talk really gave me strength and freedom. The meditation was beautiful, as always, I met a gentle fox as soon as I sat down in the grove. Thankyou for sharing your gifts with the world Philip. Your meditations have been such a healing gift for me. Blessings from the Irish Faeries x

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