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" One touch of nature

makes all the world kin "

William Shakespeare

Dancing & Cooking – Druidry as a Way of Being

October 27th, 2014

After 50 years of the Order’s existence and 25 years of its distance learning course now is a good time for us to assess what this has brought, to celebrate it – and allow ourselves to critique it too if we wish. And then we can look forward to what the next 50 years might bring – to envision it, dream it, sow seeds of intention. If we look around us – at the tribe, the community of people who are drawn here today – there is such diversity, and yet some common music holds us together, brings us together. Such diversity, and yet such unity! I remember being at an Eisteddfod at Glastonbury a few years ago and we had an opera singer, a Dutch member, singing arias from Bellini and Verdi; we had a duo – Marianne, also from the Netherlands playing the electric double-bass, with Jim Faupel singing and playing guitar; we had Arthur with his Druid camp blues, Damh with his pagan rock anthems, and of course many more. So diverse and yet held together by some mysterious threads of connection – by our unity!

And this was the theme of this year’s Dryade International camp too – the diversity that is held within that wider context that we call Druidry and OBOD.

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes find myself frustrated by this wider context – it often seems to me that OBOD Druidry is so wide a term, so loose both in its structure and its philosophy (if it even has one) that I don’t know what it is! And this is coming from someone who is apparently helping to lead the Order, who has more or less immersed himself in the subject for the last fifty years –

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7 Responses to “Dancing & Cooking – Druidry as a Way of Being”

  1. Dear Sir,

    I feel you’re near
    something almost clear

    just what, I cannot say
    so let’s dance the hurt away

  2. Yes and yes and yes. :-D. I have come to see OBOD as a method, which just like a recipe can be modified. Sometimes it is better but not always, but everytime it is taking me further. Someone once said the universe is see at the point of perception. One could replace universe with OBOD in this context. But (big but) there must be learning, experience, knowledge first, generally and then increasingly personally, until it just ‘clicks’ and all becomes clear and joyful and the dance begins and new recipes appear.
    Thank you dancemaster, masterchef, for helping us on our personal roads to freedom. As all this deeps quietly into our DNA the future becomes and becomes.
    Shaun x

    • Correction sorry. Fat fingers on small phone.
      “the universe is personalised at the point of perception”.

  3. The latest practice in the caring proffession is to treat the person being cared for as an individual with indivual needs. Its called person centred caring. The one thing I love about OBOD is that it recognizes individual needs ans needs of expression. It recognizes our individual uniqueness, that we are all different. The children are playing in the garden. They are all playing the same game but in their own way. Is’nt this what the individual Celtic tribes did years ago. Perhaps not so modern then!

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