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Conservatives Round on their Government as Charities Turn Their Back on the Plan

February 13th, 2011
From the traditionally Tory paper the Telegraph yesterday:

A series of charities which the Coalition had hoped would take on the running of hundreds of thousands of acres of woodland have all come out against the proposals.

At the same time, a new poll shows that more than half of Tory activists oppose the sell-off plans…WWF, the world’s largest wildlife charity with more than 300,000 members in the UK, branded the sell-off ‘sinister’ while the RSPB and the Woodland Trust said they no longer have any interest in owning and managing heritage forests such as the New Forest, Sherwood Forest and the Forest of Dean…

The survey of 1,484 Conservative party members, conducted by the website ConservativeHome, shows 52 per cent believe forest privatisation should be stopped while fewer than a third – 31 per cent – believe it should go ahead…

The revolt against the sell-off has gained momentum in recent weeks following the publication in The Sunday Telegraph of a letter signed by almost 100 dignitaries, including the Archbishop of Canterbury, branding the sale ‘unconscionable’…

In a joint letter, a number of major organisations including the Ramblers, the Open Spaces Society, the Campaign for National Parks and the British Horse Society all made note of their opposition to the bill and warned it could result in reduced public access and adversely affect biodiversity…

The key forestry clauses in the Public Bodies Bill could now be amended – or struck out altogether – in the face of continuing opposition.

Read more in the Telegraph article. Victory may be in sight!

One Response to “Conservatives Round on their Government as Charities Turn Their Back on the Plan”

  1. I have had experience of being a political activist and lets get one thing straight, The average Tory MP lives in a frekin dream world and has no regard to humanitarian issues. Profit and loss is all that goes on inside their befuddled public school brains.Hopefully this will destroy the co-alition before it destroys us, and if another election is called please be more careful where you place your vote.I admit Labours made a lot of very bad mistakes in the past but nothing on the scale of this magnitude.Tarentino could make a movie out of this farce and call it Inglorious Buffoons !

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