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Conservatives Plot to Screw the Planet

November 14th, 2012

Thank you George Osborne, et al.

Sign the petition and learn more about this toxic plot in the Conservative party to damage the environment.

One Response to “Conservatives Plot to Screw the Planet”

  1. Phillip
    I can not view this video because I lost my streaming capabilities when hurricane Sandy hit the east coast USA , 2 weeks ago. I do have limited Internet now with verizon, but it is costly and as I said, limited. If I stream a video, I use up too much GB’s. But I can imagine.

    The point of this post is twofold. I would like to address 2 previous posts. First, the one titled ” There May be Changes Ahead “. No doubt, one would have to have their head in the sand not to see that, for it is right in front of our collective faces. And that is a good thing. Call it whatever you want, the shift, change, awakening, etc. it is happening and in full swing. I prefer the procession of the equinox, as the planets do what they have done before, and they know the way, as it is written in their DNA much as it is written in ours. I feel it all the time these days, as I am sure many others who read these posts are feeling it as well. Some say it is a shift to a higher octave, a higher realm, an upgrade. An evolutionary step forward. I would not disagree, for there is only forward momentum if life were to beget life.

    Second, I was so glad to hear, via 2 previous posts, that you will be taking 2013 off, as a writing year. I have been reading your blog over this past year and a half, and to witness your adventures cross continents, your many travels, well, it wore me out! I am not that fond of travel, I like to be comfortable in my surroundings, humble as they may be. I applaud your willingness to ” feed the flock” as it were, but I felt, it must be hard and a bit arduous. I am glad that you will be taking some much needed down time to replenish. A wise move on your part.

    With much gratitude on many counts~

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