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" Seek the truth and run from

those who claim to have found it "

after André Gide

Congratulations to Chief Druid Fearn!

March 9th, 2017

Many congratulations to the new Chief of the Green Mountain Druid Order, Fearn Lickfield!

Fearn has taken over running the Order from her husband Ivan McBeth, who left the physical world last September at the equinox. See this page for a beautiful tribute to him, with photos and a brief interview.

It’s so heartening to see a female Druid Chief, and I’m looking forward to holding a workshop at the Order’s sanctuary in Vermont later this year.

Here’s an excerpt from Fearn’s account of her experience of becoming a Chief:

“Last Samhain during a powerful ceremony to honor the ancestors, i had a long talk with Ivan at his fire shrine at Dreamland. Ivan was at that time fairly new to his life in spirit, having left his ailing body a mere 5 weeks previously, yet he was and is very much at home in this realm. Despite my grief in losing his embodied presence, i smiled often as i sensed him dancing in ecstatic celebration of his freedom, with joy, humor and his huge heart beaming.  

Ivan and i were partners in life, in work and in land. Our shared dreams, passions and skills manifested a home, a school, a stone circle and an amazing spiritual community that continues to grow.   

During that Samhain ceremony Ivan shared with me his enthusiasm, encouragement and support of me stepping fully into leadership as Chief of the Green Mountain Druid Order…” Read more

7 Responses to “Congratulations to Chief Druid Fearn!”

  1. Congratulations from Azores Islands!
    I’m glad for you and us!
    Best wishes!

  2. I haven’t met Fearn, but over the past few days, I’ve found myself re-visiting and meditating upon her message several times. I love that in her introductory comments, Fearn has chosen the phrasing “chief with and for my druid community.” To my mind, this communicates very well the underlying meaning of the more usual and more formal title of “Chief of.” The promises that she spoke during her ceremony are among the most consummate examples of commitment vows that I’ve ever had to the pleasure to read (and I do mean that quite sincerely!). Very inspiring, even to someone like me who is not in a leadership position.

    So, if you’re reading this, Fearn, thank you for the careful reflection you put into that, and many blessings on your work.

  3. Many Blessings Special soul , i can not think of anyone else that would be able to continue this most beautiful and necessary work xxx much love and many blessings Adrian

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