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" The world is mud-luscious

and puddle-wonderful "


Climbing off the Soap Box

October 24th, 2007

For today I’m climbing off the soap-box and this blog has become a forum. To follow this go to ‘My Intention is to Undress’ and click on the title and scroll down…

9 Responses to “Climbing off the Soap Box”

  1. Who is more nake as a baby coming in the world?
    And in the same time he has on his-her skin something which protect him, and what does a doctor first? Take a soap and rubbish a poor baby and after he is unprotected, no?
    To be undress is it to become nake or to refind this babby before a soap?

  2. A soap-box is a term for a platform to rant from, Zil.

    Je ne suis pas sur si tu fais un ‘riff’ off ce terme or whether you misunderstood the reference to soap.

    J’aime beaucoup le facon dont ce blog devient franglais!

    Malgre la confusion qui suit!

    But something your idea suggests – that nakedness doesn’t equal ‘clean’… we can sometimes associate nakedness with purity – so that nakedness equals additive-free, pollution free. But your point is that the naked baby emerges not squeaky-clean and yet we should treasure that. And at a metaphoric level our own psychological nakedness will sometimes be messy too!

  3. Firstly, I did not know you spoke French Phil. I wonder how much Druidic exchange there is going on across the channel; interesting to ponder. Second, I know the hypothetical soapbox you were referring to was on nakedness, but to analyze the idea of the soapbox in general

  4. …in general, I have seen a great many of those who are on the Druidic path tip toeing on their own soapboxes; I am no exclusion. Why do we do this? Is it for intellectual prowess or dominance? To show that our own personal definition of the emulation of Druidry in modern day is better than another? Through much tribulation, I have found that if we truly wish to display our wisdom and maturity of our individual Druidic walk, it is more effectively displayed and greater of a thing to do so shoulder to shoulder, in equality of our fellow brothers and sisters. Kick the soapbox aside, let their be Love, Peace and Acceptance; in this beneficial growth for everyone.

  5. Yes I agree Dean, but I supppose a blog and FB are by nature soap boxes. Do you think I suffer from mounting a soap box too much? Asked, I hope, out of genuine curiosity, and for no other motive!?

  6. In my personal opinion, I feel there is a clear cut division between the lone madman stoic barking from atop of a soapbox and respected member of society that is a philosophic and spiritual leader living by example.
    In all the videos I have watched that you are in, facebook comments/postings, etc, etc, you have displayed compassion, acceptance and a desire to help people grow.
    Has it sometimes come across “preachy” or “soapboxish” when you display passion for the environment and your willing to do what it takes to protect it, ya a little. But, it isn’t really a soapbox when your not the only one standing on it! I can only imagine the arduousness of the campaigns you have been involved with to see them to fruition. If pain has occurred it has been that of sufferance; in that, honor.

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