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CelticVedic Band launches at Lughnasadh

August 10th, 2015

CelticVedicWe had one of the best Lughnasadhs ever at the last White Horse camp to be held at Westmill Farm in Wiltshire – completing a cycle of 21 years of OBOD then White Horse camps held in that beautiful part of the world.
In wonderful synchronicity a band that the record producer, musician and DJ known as Youth has helped put together, played their very first gig at the camp. Called CelticVedic, their music celebrates a fusion of Indian and Celtic music in an upbeat dance style that you just can’t help jumping to whatever your age, or however tired you might feel!

An enormous yellow full moon rose behind the stage, bizarrely an illuminated drone flew above us like a UFO, and the band played its dazzling new work.

This photo shows only three band members, there were more – but I was too busy dancing to take pictures! CelticVedic express in music what the Order’s One Tree Project is all about. See here.

Two of the band members will be playing at our next One Tree Gathering this Saturday in the Midlands.

From our camp CelticVedic went on to play at the Ozora festival in Hungary – photo below:image2

2 Responses to “CelticVedic Band launches at Lughnasadh”

  1. This music was bringing into Surrender and Bliss and I hope to hear them again.
    Thank you …
    love Mimsy

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