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Carry on Camping!

June 27th, 2015

Photo: Elaine from Wildways

A guest post from Steve Rumelhart:

In case you missed the article in Mays’ Touchstone, something wonderful is going to happen in a field in Oxfordshire this July: The ‘White Horse’ (formerly OBOD) Summercamp. Since February, a committed team, working in conjunction with White Horse Camps, have been endeavouring to put together a timetable full of scintillating speakers, amazing musicians, incredible artisans and barnstorming Bards to bring OBOD members and friends a Lughnasadh Camp to remember. Celebrating all we love about camps and drawing from the years of experience and the wealth of talented people OBOD Druidry seems to attract, we are calling this camp ‘A Harvest of Riches’.

Keith in pensive mood. Photo: Elaine of Wildways

Keith in pensive mood. Photo: Elaine of Wildways

Taking an unashamedly ‘retro’ approach, we are incredibly proud and honoured to announce speakers such as Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm, Prof. Ronald Hutton, Damh The Bard, Penny Billington, John & Caitlin Matthews, Philip Shallcrass and Susan & Jake Thomas. Musicians include; one of the above (can you guess which?), Kate & Corwen, Arthur Billington and an evening of ‘Celtic Vedism’ under a Full Moon with renown musician, producer and OBOD member Martin Glover on the final Friday (1st Aug) – wow! We have dedicated crafts people on hand throughout the week teaching such things as willow weaving, pole lathing, corn dolly making, stone carving and, logistics permitting, we will build an earth oven to bake our Lammas Loaf in for the Lughnassah ritual on the final Saturday (2nd Aug)..

As if that wasn’t enough, we have a dowsing workshop, the Dance of Life every morning, yoga, meditation, sacred singing with Basira Ward, an ‘Animal Quest’, herb lore and, if the Awen takes you, an African Drumming class with Tanya Sherriff and our very own ‘Djembe Djinny’ on offer too. We have a committed team running ‘Kids’ Space’ where lots of exciting things will happen throughout the week and there will also be for ‘Big’ kids and kids alike, a Super Hero themed Wide Game later in the week. Wandering Bards and Minstrels will ensure song, stories and silliness (my shamanic teacher once told me that ‘laughter is the best medicine’) along with spontaneous music making ‘mushrooming up’ all over the field.

“Enough!” You cry. “How can I relax?” Well… there will be a hot tub and sauna and the possibility of therapists offering their skills in things like Reiki, Shiatsu etc. and we’ve already mentioned the meditation. For those of you who want to go deeper still, there will be two ‘Dreamtimes’ on offer – Shamanic journeying where you come along, lay down and journey accompanied by waves of sound to facilitate your dreaming. I am particularly proud to say that one of these will be given by Bob Hillary and will be of particular interest to anyone who has ever ‘nodded off’ and journeyed to the music of ‘Pink Floyd’ and David Gilmours’ otherworldly guitar sounds. Maybe just sitting under the stars and staring into the flames of our central fire is more your thing as the day comes to a close? There will also be accomplished Order members on hand offering Bardic, Ovate and Druid Groves and initiations should you require one (please mention this when booking). I am sure there will be a few other surprises cropping up too as you catch up with old friends and make some new.

Photo: Elaine of Wildways

Photo: Elaine of Wildways

Is there a catch?  Yes. You have to be there to enjoy all of this and bookings close on July 8th 2015 as our lovely caterers need to order in the food (did I mention all meals are included in the ticket price?). We really want to make this a special week for lots of reasons and we cannot do this without you so, dust down your Didgeridoos and Djembes, pack your tents and ‘tat’ and raid your dressing up box: Bring your arts and crafts to sell at our ‘Bizarre Bazaar’ on the final weekend and unwanted ‘magical paraphenalia’ for the ‘Great Giveaway’ on the same day and get over to for further information and bookings. See you there Friday 24th July – Sunday 3rd August 2015.