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" One touch of nature

makes all the world kin "

William Shakespeare

Camelot Oracle – Review

March 6th, 2013
'Palamedes' Draft sketch by Will Worthington for The Camelot Oracle

‘Palamedes’ Draft sketch by Will Worthington for The Camelot Oracle


A quest for wisdom through the Arthurian world

By JOHN MATTHEWS      With illustrations by WILL WORTHINGTON

Published by:  Connections Book Publishing Limited

A guest review by Jacki Woolmington

I love this oracle!  But as this is supposed to be a semi-objective review, let me back off a bit.

The pack consists of 40 cards (all beautifully illustrated by Will Worthington) and a fold-out map of the Lands Adventurous.  Thirty two of the cards bear a portrait of one of the archetypal characters from the Arthurian legends.  The remaining eight represent paths shown on the map, where the quests and journeys undertaken by Arthur’s knights took place.  Each path has its own quality – as does each of the Archetypes.  Also on the map, situated at each of the Cardinal points of the compass are some of the most significant places to which the Knights made their way – places that have acquired their own archetypal presence and have come to embody truths and situations that we all experience at one time or another.

The Oracle works by you selecting cards – either randomly or deliberately.  You select one Path card and 2 of the Archetypal character cards.  One character will be your Champion on the journey – they will be your guide and supporter.   The other character will be your Challenger who poses a question to make you think deeper about your quest.

It is the combination of the qualities, people and situations represented by the 2 sets of cards that create the Oracle.  Together with the characters’ questions or guidance, the paths, along with the places on the map generate answers.

If on drawing the cards and answering the questions and/or receiving the guidance from your Champion/Challenger/Place/Path, you feel that you would like a more detailed answer there are ways of developing the reading.  For instance, by looking at the Mirror path – the exact opposite from the path that you are on and seeing what the Challenger and the place have to offer from a different perspective.

Other options include; getting an overview of your life situation; setting up a number of Challengers to ask many questions on your issue – and hence deepen your insights.

There is an alternative way of working with the Oracle which involves meditating using the imagery of the cards.  That gives the possibility of enabling you to experience a deeper journey and getting a more powerful and immediate answer to your issue.  Guidelines for meditating with each character and place are given in the book.

I really enjoyed working with this Oracle and would still be at it given half a chance!  In addition to it being a really useful tool for guidance, it has the romance and excitement of the Arthurian Legends to add that extra something to the whole experience.  I found it versatile and enjoyable. It had just been on my Amazon wish list – but I think it will be getting added to my basket now!

Jacki Woolmington

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  1. Yes, it is wonderful! Well done, all… Beautiful, inspiring artwork, too… as always!

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