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Camelot Found in London

November 11th, 2009


Read this description of London’s Camelot and the Secrets of the Grail – a new book by Christopher Street of ‘Earthstars’ fame:

Only one place actually called Camelot appears on old maps. So far it has been overlooked by those in search of this legendary location. It is hidden in woods on the outskirts of London. Archaeological digs show it had a massive drawbridge over a moat, walls five and a half feet thick and a dungeon. It also has apparitions of a Guinevere-like “White Lady” and is regarded locally as a place of visions, healing and inspiration, with some very definite and intriguing connections to the Grail Myths and Arthurian Legends. . .   Was the real Camelot here in London? What is its Round table? Is its holy well haunted by a Grail Maiden? Is Arthur’s sword-in-the-stone still in London, built into a wall?

Available as an e-book or a paperback. More details from