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" Seek the truth and run from

those who claim to have found it "

after André Gide

Buy It Naked

November 1st, 2008

Nakedness has been a sorely neglected theme in this blog these last few months. Perhaps because we’ve had such a poor summer. I’ve even received one complaint about this.

If you think the subject trivial, prurient or inappropriate please read one reader’s post here.

It reappears now because a new campaign has been launched: ‘Buy It Naked’ – sadly or thankfully it is not a campaign to encourage us to shop in the nude, but one which encourages us – and shops – to strip off much of the unnecessary packaging we are burdening the earth with. Rush over to their site now:

On the same theme, ten years or so ago I was interviewed twice by an enterprising citizen of Fremantle in Australia who had started a New Age radio show from her sitting room: Full Circle Radio. A decade on, she has branched out into Youtube movies, and has created this. Most readers will know much of what is being said, but the message is one we need to remind ourselves about, particularly as Christmas approaches. And there are some very good articulations of the most critical issues facing us in here:

8 Responses to “Buy It Naked”

  1. I love this you tube, Philip. thank you.
    I think about the 3 ethics of permaculture:
    -people care
    -earth care and
    -giving away all that is extra.

    Enough is an interesting subject and very individual.
    ……something we are all being forced to be aware of now. A good thing in the long run. It makes a space for gratitude instead of greed.

  2. I think you have to have a wordpress blog. Start one Alice! It’s free and really easy to create!

    Michael – I’d forgotten you were in Italy. Have you visited Damanhur?

  3. No, I haven’t. In fact I haven’t travelled around Italy much at all. I live close to the Italian Slovenian border and tend to spend excursion time (aside from visiting Britain) in Slovenia/Croatia.

    Although having read your Italian Diary (I didn’t even realize you were doing a workshop in Italy, which is a shame) I have dug up an unread book on Damanhur, which I bought in a London bookshop a few years ago.

    Looking at there site and the temple video, it seems a such a joyous magical place. I will visit it with my family, perhaps at a time when you yourself are giving a conference there. 🙂

  4. One of the contributors in the film spoke of us over using the ‘outward ecology’ whilst under using our ‘inward ecology’. I really like this way of explaining our current predicament because, to me, our problems are so much about relationship – with self and other. I have come to view my inner self as a kind of landscape and have become fascinated about the relationship between this inner land and the land without. This inner land certainly does have its own ‘ecology’ and any imbalance here by extension impacts the world around us. Perhaps it is about finding home within ourselves, not feeling exiled, knowing that landscape intimately and finding one’s roots and well-being here. Consumerism always seems to encourage a yearning for where we are not, for who we are not; it encourages us to stand outside ourselves, to eternally feel apart from our core. It seems there is so much inside each of us that remains unexplored, just as I believe there is much in our local outer landscape that we miss because we are encouraged to reach for that elusive horizon. Our outer resources are intensively exploited and abused, whilst our inner resources are deeply neglected; getting the balance right between these seems key to not just our survival but our ability to flourish.

    Slightly relieved that ‘Buy It Naked’ is not about shopping in the nude – bit parky out there at the moment! Seriously, it is the way to go (minimal to zero packaging that is, not Waitrose in the buff, although…..).

    We banned Christmas years ago. Our gift to others was that they didn’t have to buy us a gift. It seems far better to share some happy times together, give something real of ourselves.

  5. Lovely to see the beautiful natural scenes of the state of Western Australia where I live. 🙂 I think this is a package small enough to send to those of our acquaintance that we know wouldn’t watch anything longer or more high pressure. It might help start the first changes in thinking in those who haven’t heard the message yet and are still trapped in the dream…



  6. Great video. And it’s so difficult to hold fast to these values when you first begin to step outside consumerism, outside of the dominant worldview. Friends and family don’t always agree, support or understand. Explaining yourself grows tiring and weighs on your spirit—at least in my experience. Yes, there are like-minded folk out there. But our culture is steeped in this consumer worldview, and I think it takes all our focus and strength to stand up and leave it behind. So many small decisions made every day are required.

    Feeling a bit weary today…

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