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" A good traveller has no fixed plans,

and is not intent on arriving "

Lao Tzu

Britain Will Not be Fracked

September 3rd, 2013

1239258_10201105518135146_501206185_oCommon sense may be dawning. The protests at Balcombe seem to have worked – at least for the moment. We still need to be vigilant though. Numerous applications for drilling have been filed in various parts of the country. Ferhurst in West Sussex looks set to be the next test case in this area. See details on the ‘Frack-Free Fernhurst‘ website.

A big ritual to protect the land of Albion is planned for 28 September. Organisers believe over a thousand people will attend. See details. The protection sigil specially designed for this action is shown above.

From the BBC today:

Oil exploration will cease in a village at the centre of an anti-fracking campaign by the end of September after plans to extend work were withdrawn.

Protests were staged in Balcombe over fears test drilling for oil could lead to hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.

The permit for activity was to run out on 28 September and, in July, the firm Cuadrilla applied for an extension.

It has now withdrawn the plans and will submit fresh proposals to be looked at by West Sussex County Council in 2014.

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10 Responses to “Britain Will Not be Fracked”

  1. Thank you for your words Philip.Please people, do not think its over yet, we have a way to go to stop this Company, and Others from Destroying and polluting OUR LAND.

  2. Just a power play in the game for them, a way to then dismantle the protection camp as the perceived danger is no longer there …. But be under no illusions, this is only the beginning of a long tale….

      • Yes I am of the same belief ….
        I also feel we as a people have been lulled into apathy over politics for to long now and both fracking and the badger cull are our wake up calls …
        Painful be very necessary…..

  3. Fantastic news Philip. I was beginning to get a bit downhearted about all of this. It is on my mind constantly. I read on the front of the Sussex News in Lewes two weeks ago that there are plans to frack in Beddingham and Southease!!! ( How can they?) However I think the good people of Balcombe will be ready next time Cuadrilla put in their new application . I think the government will want to change the laws regarding protesting in the next few months. I was astonished to read Cuadrilla’s application on the West Sussex County Council website. They wanted to use 175,000 ltrs of water per day.

  4. The withdrawal at Balcombe is one small victory in a long battle to protect our land and to find a different way forward for energy supply and usage. Lots of areas are threatened by extreme energy extraction plans, including large areas of the Midlands which are threatened by underground coal gasification which is even worse than fracking. See the frack off website for plans across the UK and get involved in local campaigns and rituals

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