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" A good traveller has no fixed plans,

and is not intent on arriving "

Lao Tzu

Breaking News on Forest Sell-Off

February 16th, 2011

Ministers ‘to abandon plan to change forest ownership’

The government is preparing to abandon its plans to change the ownership of thousands of acres of state-owned woodland, the BBC understands.
Government sources said ministers will, on Friday, announce that the current consultation be halted.
Instead, it is understood a new panel of experts will be set up to look at public access and biodiversity within the publicly owned woodland.

from the BBC website tonight.

5 Responses to “Breaking News on Forest Sell-Off”

  1. Excellent news. I find it curious that this proposal was allowed to escape from it’s thinktank to begin with. There seems to be little support for it in any party – even the one that proposed it in the first place!

  2. Good.

    Can we now hurl energy into stopping them dismantling benefits for those with disabilities and low incomes, and destroying front line public services? We all know that the richest few are in effect getting richer, and getting away with blue murder on the tax evasion front, while the most vulnerable (and often the least socially acceptable) are increasingly vilified and abandoned.

  3. Although I would find myself in conflict with the government on a number of issues, probably no more or less than with the last Labour government. One has to remember that the financial deficit did not suddenly appear the day after the election, and bakers bonuses (which I strongly condemn) were allowed to roll on untouched prior to that. I think we are in danger here of making the forums too political. The druid movement is inclusive and naturally reflects our feelings on green and environmental issues but I would hate it to become a political battleground. I don’t personally feel that any one political party is more ‘druid like’ than another. I have voted for them all in my time and find myself unable to agree with any single one on everything.

  4. Hmm ‘bakers bonuses’? Admittedly the local custard tarts aren’t too good but perhaps we should concentrate on the bankers first! Sorry about that!!

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