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" Friendship is a sheltering tree "


The Winged Psyche

“An exquisite pamphlet, as beautifully and robustly made as it is refined in all its perceptions, and full of the marrow of wisdom as well as genuinely comforting.”
Jay Ramsay
            “So potent, so simple. It removed fear.”

The Winged Psyche is the account of the answers I received from beings who came to me, who felt Otherworldy and Angelic. I asked them the ‘big questions’: Is there a reason for us being here? If so, what are we all supposed to be doing? And who or what exactly are we, and what happens when we die?

Soon after these encounters, I met by chance a very talented book designer, Crispin Rose-Innes, and I decided to publish these answers in a different way to the usual mass-market paperback and ebook. I wanted to create something beautiful, not only to read, but also to own, hold in your hands, and give as a gift. Crispin has designed just such a book. It’s short – just 21 pages – but it looks and feels beautifully crafted, with its binding sewn rather than stapled, and its separate loose cover folded around it.

This Limited First Edition sold out very quickly, so we have reprinted it on different paper and with normal rather than hand-finished sewn binding, and you can order it only from the OBOD store here.


What is the Purpose of Life Itself?

             “Some people believe life has no purpose – that we are here as a result of chance, that life has no inherent meaning. Most shrug, admitting the answer is beyond their reach. Still others will tell you quite categorically what the purpose of life is – to love and to learn, for example.
            “Here’s the approach I suggest.” The angel waved a hand in the air and there appeared a great expanse of night sky – stars and galaxies as far as the eye could see. “Place Mystery at the heart of your question. When you gaze into the eyes of your beloved you may say that you wish to know them completely, but in reality you are captivated by their mystery, in love with the unfathomable nature of their soul, which you know you will never fully understand. So it is with the big, important questions in life. Accept that the full answers to your questions are beyond the reach of your mind – beyond logic and rationality, beyond even imagining. And so, like a pilgrim at a shrine who feels the presence of a blessing or a divinity, but cannot put into words all that they feel, so you can in the same way surrender to the joy and peace, the healing balm, of not knowing.”

Author: Philip Carr-Gomm  Publisher: The Oak Tree Press  Publication Date: September 2018      ISBN: 1903232228