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" The Holy Land is everywhere "

Black Elk

The Seven Valleys

This small book, The Seven Valleys, is a companion volume to The Winged Psyche, and is focused on the use of a Sufi story about the soul’s quest for Paradise as a means of spiritual development, and as an aid to helping us achieve a more peaceful relationship with the ending of our physical lives on Earth. In the first part of the booklet, Philip introduces the story and the way in which it has been used in sophrology. In the second part, RoMa offers her evocative rendition of the tale.

Purchase of the book includes unlimited access to an online programme of films, audios and texts to enable you to study and use the method, and includes guided journeys led by Philip and RoMa. For more details, see here.


Al-Ghazzali, the Sufi mystic who first wrote about this mysterious journey in the eleventh century, was basing his work on the idea that we are meant to return to the garden, to the Paradise that we left long ago. And all our lives, whether we are aware of it or not, there is a yearning deep inside us to return to this garden, to finally make the journey back to that small gate that we can then open, to follow the path that leads to the heart of the garden. And as we walk this path, all our sorrows and all the accumulated weight of our lives simply fall away, as we come closer and closer, and finally achieve union with the indescribable Source of All Being.


“The Seven Valleys is a guided journey through our own lifetime of experience. We are given the chance to reflect on all aspects of our life and our way of being in the world. We are invited to see ourselves reflected in this timeless story and in doing so learn to let go of the ideas and identities we grip too tightly to. This is a beautiful and powerful mythic journey that can prepare the soul for loosening its binding connection to ego and fly, fly, freely into the light.” – Georgina Langdale, Centre for Nature Connection, New Zealand

“What a wonderful and awe-inspiring journey! Gently stripping away identifications and in a sense separating myself more and more from everything – but in this, quite paradoxically, allowing for the experience of being more deeply a part of the whole once again.” – Bernhard Reicher, Occultist and Storyteller, Graz, Austria

Authors: Philip Carr-Gomm & RoMa Johnson  Publisher: The Oak Tree Press  Publication Date: May 2021      ISBN: 1903232279