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" The Holy Land is everywhere "

Black Elk

Seek Teachings Everywhere

Should you choose just one spiritual path or religion and follow only that one, or can you combine paths to more effectively reach your desired goal – of liberation, enlightenment or whatever it is you believe to be the aim of spirituality? Seek Teachings Everywhere is a celebration of what happens when we combine the insights of Druidry and other spiritual paths, and in particular the Dharmic traditions, Christianity, and Wicca. This is a book for anyone drawn to practicing a way that honours the Perennial Wisdom Teachings. It’s a book for seekers and path-finders who want, like bees, to ‘seek nectar from all kinds of flowers’.


A glimpse of the Contents Page:

Foreword by Peter Owen Jones                                                                      

Sex on the Beach or Death in the Afternoon? Mixology for the Spiritual Seeker
Preliminary Perspectives
Should You Follow Just One Spiritual Path?
Druidry as a Meta-Path
Druidry & Other Ways
PART I: One Tree: The Druid & Dharmic Traditions
The Idea of a Common Origin
The World-Wide Wisdom Tradition
Yoga Nidra & Druid Nidra – The Sleep of the Forest Sage
and more follows…


With this book, modern Druidry shows that it has truly come of age, when, through the person who is probably its foremost current author, it reaches out to followers of other spiritual and religious paths with the assurance and firm identity of a mature tradition.
Professor Ronald Hutton

Beautifully written and chock-full of quotes, erudite references and fascinating sources. The easy style contrasts with the depth of study but do not be deceived; this is a book of substance.
The introductory section sets out the preliminary questions: should we stick to one path? and what are the credentials for Druidry as a meta path or as a connector in our searchings? Three Sections follow: One Tree: The Druid and Dharmic traditions; Christianity and Druidry and Druidry and Wicca, plus an afterword and appendix. Each comprises highly readable short articles, ideal introductions to Philip’s ideas and conclusions. He draws the reader in, building on the known to open our minds to new possibilities, with illustrations of personal anecdote and history adding to the sense of engagement. The reader participates in an eye-opening conversation.
This book goes a long way to bridging the ‘great gulf fixed’ between the ideas and techniques of eastern and western spirituality: to build such a bridge and to underpin it with evidence from both cultures constitutes a major achievement.
‘Oh East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet,’ says Kipling. This small book goes a good way to disprove this.
Penny Billington, review for Touchstone magazine

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Author: Philip Carr-Gomm, with Foreword by Peter Owen Jones – Publisher: The Oak Tree Press – in e-book and paperback versions – Publication Date: July 2019 – ISBN: 1903232236