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" One touch of nature

makes all the world kin "

William Shakespeare

Sacred Nature Healing Meditations

Microsoft Word - SACRED NATURE2 copy.docxFour meditations to support deep rest and healing: Clothed with Flowers – a journey to the healing world of the Ovates and Druids, The Healing Island of Moy Mell – a journey to the Land of Honey, Drawing from the Well – to help you take a brief healing catnap, and Healing Sleep – to help you go to sleep and stay asleep.
In each of these meditations we have used aspects of the Divine Proportion to convey and embody a deep sense of harmony and healing.

The language of Nature can be glimpsed in the Divine Proportion, which is found in the human body, in DNA, in the spirals of shells, the geometry of crystals and the veins of leaves. It can be found in brain wave cycles, in our skeletons, and in the branching of our veins and nerves. The Golden Mean, expressed by the Greek letter Phi, and intimately connected with the Fibonacci sequence of numbers, has been used for centuries by artists, sculptors, architects, and composers to produce aesthetically pleasing and harmonious creations. By using the Golden Mean their work conforms to one of Nature’s most significant underlying principles and embodies Divine Proportion. In these meditations, the soundtracks have been engineered with the Golden Ratio, and the Fibonacci sequence has been used in the creation of the music.

Developed by Philip Carr-Gomm, with the voices of Philip and Sophia Carr-Gomm and Scott Reid, with music and voice by Charlie Roscoe, Helen Glavin and Damh the Bard. Engineered and produced by Damh the Bard.


‘As someone who’s suffered with insomnia for most of my adult life, I was skeptical but willing to give this a try (and the other meditations sounded lovely too). I bought this when it first came out and have used it almost every night since to fall asleep. Out of some 800+ nights, this has worked all but 2 or 3 times. Listening to ‘healing sleep’ each night has become such a successful part of my nighttime routine that I don’t even really think of myself as an insomniac any more. It may not work for everyone, but it has improved my sleep incredibly. This has been the single most helpful purchase I’ve ever made on something to improve my health. To fellow insomniacs I can’t recommend this highly enough. (And the other meditations are, indeed, lovely too.)’ K.Horn, Amazon review

‘I have tried so many “sleep meditation tapes,” from the ones that wake you up at the end of the meditation (yeah, right, thanks!) to the ones which drone on about some principles of their chosen spirituality, all very well, but if I’m listening to something that engages my brain I’m NOT going to sleep.
Throughout, this little album by Druid philosopher and psychologist Philip Carr-Gomm is fascinating, and for Pagans very informative and useful as healing meditations.
Not being Pagan or Druid, I have listened to Clothed with Flowers and Healing Island of Moy Mell only a few times, often enough to tell you that the journeys and the poetic imagery of the language are beautiful and deeply satisfying. In fact, all the meditations teach and inform us about the natural world as seen by modern Druids, and are fascinating for that reason alone.
Now, on to what I REALLY love … the sleep meditations.
First, I’ll say that everything about the longer sleep meditation was unexpected, at least for me. The production values for the entire tape are not “slick” and highly produced, but they ring very true, and work for me even though I’m extremely picky.
Healing Sleep begins with a spoken lullaby from the Scottish Highlands. Half the time I’m asleep before the lullaby is finished, because my busy, busy brain is both engaged by the vivid, fanciful language and soothed by the repetitive phrase at the end of each very short verse. Since it’s about the hidden places of bird nests, I also learn a lot of bird lore … when I stay awake long enough!
The next stage briefly invites you to imagine yourself in a summer day in the country, complete with sounds and smells, and then proceeds to a most amazing relaxation exercise which is based on the spiral shape of the Golden Mean, and is completely, profoundly different from anything else I’ve ever experienced or taught (I teach meditation). AND IT WORKS!!! Pay attention, insomniacs, IT WORKS!
I’ve almost never made it to the last section, but I know I like it, too. It’s a powerfully resonant choral chant that seems to vibrate me into a deep, deep meditative state. Obviously, I recommend this unreservedly.Faith Freewoman, Amazon review

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