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The DruidCraft Tarot

Full Tarot deck plus in-depth book

Authors: Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm, illustrated by Will Worthington
Publishers: St.Martin’s Press (USA) Connections (UK & AUS)
Publication date: 2004 (UK) & 2005 (USA)
ISBN: 0312315023
German edition: Arun
French edition: Editions Vega
Dutch edition: Altamira-Becht
Spanish edition: Edaf
Taiwanese edition: Cite
Bulgarian edition: Shambalah
Czech edition: Synergie
Italian edition: Edizioni Terra Del Sacrobosco
Russian edition: Aenigma

The 78 exquisitely designed cards, painted in tempera, achieve a depth of feeling and artistic quality rarely seen in contemporary Tarot sets, while the accompanying manual explores the Tarot and its relationship to both Druidry and Wicca, tracing some of the earliest roots of the Tarot to the tales of the Bards, and the numerology of Pythagoras taught by the Druids in their Sacred Groves.
The boxed set includes all cards of the Major and Minor Arcana, together with a 192 page book which reveals the way in which we can use the Tarot to deepen our spiritual lives and practice.

Also available as a deck with a small booklet rather than the full book, and as an app

The full book is also now available as a stand-alone book without the cards, published by Orange Hippo Books in the UK.

Buy the deck and full book here

To listen to the artist, Will Worthington, talk about his work on ‘Druidcast’ – the Druid Podcast – click here. To read details about Druidcast and the shownotes (see episode 2) click here.

An audio edition of the book has been produced by The Royal National Institute for the Blind in the UK. Details
Most books on the Tarot begin by discussing the Major Arcana, then move on to the Minor. We have reversed this and begin by looking at the court cards – urging the reader to explore them as 16 personality types, just as one might explore the 12 types of the zodiac, for instance. Then we move on to the Pips, then the Majors. This way it feels as if we approaching the Mysteries appropriately, rather than jumping straight in, then considering the Minors later. There is a section at the end of the book in which we offer a blessing and dedication ceremony to begin working with the deck, or the Tarot generally, and then we offer six spreads. Two will be familiar to users of The Druid Animal Oracle: the Awen spread and the Spirits of the Circle spread. We have included these because over the last decade so many people have told us how helpful they can be. Then we’ve taken two of the most important symbols in our traditions: the Pentagram and Hexagram, and offered a Pentagram spread to help you explore your four functions and the influence of Spirit in your life, and a Hexagram spread to help you explore relationships. Then we’ve created a Lunar Spread using the phases of the moon to explore the creative process and projects that might need nurturing, and finally we’ve taken the good old ‘Celtic Cross’ spread which works so well for general readings. But we’ve suggested a different way of looking at it: as a Chalice and Wand spread which works with the central idea of DruidCraft: that there are two forces which when combined create life and movement.


‘For the newcomer to either the Tarot or the study of Wiccan and Druidic tradition, this deck is probably the best resource available. The beautifully illustrated cards bring the text of the very well written book to life, and at the same time stimulate one to think beyond keywords and meanings, into the traditions from which they emerged. For those experienced with the Tarot, this deck opens a new dimension of meaning and interpretation that many, and particularly those who work in Wiccan and/or Druidic traditions, may feel is more inviting than those based on other systems.’ Excerpt from review by David Alpert, on Amazon

‘I just wanted to thank you for designing a truly beautiful work. The DruidCraft Tarot is a visual/spiritual/intellectual feast – I love so many cards that I would be hard pressed to identify my favourite. But if I *had* to pick one or several it would be The Lady and all your people (court) cards which are stunning. I’ve been reading and teaching the Tarot for twenty years at community colleges and centres and I remain a strict adherent of decks which are non-racist, non-hierarchal and non-sexist. Although one race is depicted you have presented a plethora of people that appear uniquely individual, and horay! they aren’t “perfect” in a magazine sort of way.  They look like real people – people that I would love to get to know! Your characters represent all age groups, and project an amazing warmth. I’ve been craving a Wiccan/Pagan deck that I could relate to for many years. I’ve just spent the whole day with the deck and I’ve experienced the oddest sensations that I’ve been in these places and met the people depicted throughout the deck. I know how strange this must sound but it’s true. I don’t know exactly what that means but I do know the cards so distinctly depict scenes and people that are believable, as if they really do exist in this mystical place that I might visit. It’s such a romantic notion it makes me blush but that’s how your work has affected me. The book is wonderful too. Really well written – warm, insightful and honest. It’s not just the cards that are stunning but the connections drawn in the book between Wicca, Pagan, and Druid and the Tarot are ground breaking. I think your work will be a roaring success among Tarotists and Pagans alike. Anyway thank you again for bringing into this world such a work of beauty and inspiration.  I have no doubt your Tarot work will be a huge success.’ Kathleen Meadows

‘The attention to detail in The DruidCraft Tarot set is very commendable. Even the typeface used on card titles and in the book was created, letter by letter, especially for the deck. The card imagery is richly coloured and thoroughly researched, its creators are knowledgeable and passionate about Druidry — and in a spread, the cards cover the table and seem like windows to a beautiful otherworld. The DruidCraft Tarot is a complete and ideal set for the Pagan, Wiccan or Druid-oriented Tarot beginner as well as the more experienced reader, and is definitely one for the collector.’ Excerpt of review by Solandia

‘I have found these cards to be a wonderfully intuitive and inspirational deck to use. Whether in readings for others, or when seeking guidance for the self these cards contain a clarity and depth few other modern decks possess. It has been said to me many times that the only way to find the perfect ‘personal’ tarot deck is to design your own. This one almost succeeds in reaching that elusive goal. The Carr-Gomms have synthesized various schools of tarot thought and art, taking elements of the Rider Waite, the Thoth and Golden Dawn as well as more ‘modern’ thinking, and have produced a pack which gives clarity of image and depth of symbolism within each and every card. It is accessible and usable both by the beginner and the more experienced user. The size of the cards, for me is wonderful, being big enough to use when reading for others, yet small enough to handle reasonably comfortably.’ Excerpt of review by Vixen for The Druid Network

‘Artist Will Worthingtons paintings are a visual feast of color and form that seem to glow as they come alive with story. The images most often follow the traditional RWS, but have far more depth and character. The symbolism that has been changed or added to is brilliantly executed and meaningful. There are several cards that are renamed, but the transition seems easy and natural once stepping upon the forest path. You can almost see the trees breathe and hear them speak. I’m convinced there is much wisdom they will unfold during the course of study and readings. The court cards have figures dressed in different plaids making me wonder if these also are purposefully placed. My sense is that although there is much information that the cards seem to contain upon first glance, there is just as much more yet to be revealed, and that study would be very rewarding. The beautiful book that accompanies this deck skillfully bridges many systems showing their essential unity and universal truth. The inclusive point of view shared by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm makes the experience of studying and using this beautiful deck so much more meaningful to me. In the book, the minor arcana cards are divided and listed by number rather than suit. There is a page of writing on each number along with Keywords and a Message. Each numbered card is then individually delineated. There are several useful and interesting diagrams showing the relationship of the 78 cards to the inner and outer self, the Seasons of the year, and Seasonal Celebrations promoting conscious continuity.’ Excerpt of review by Starsongs

‘ I was stunned with the humanity in this deck. I think the large size of the cards showcases the rich tempera paintings. I believe the format captures the richness of the beautiful colors. I like the way the character of each card is caught in a moment in time–not like a portrait or a stage setting, but as if they were doing an everyday act… I like the book and believe that the writing and reasoning behind the deck shows an excellent system. I’ve owned the Merlin Tarot by RJ Stewart and the Hallowquest Arthurian Tarot by John and Caitlin Matthews and do agree these decks from the twentieth century provided an excellent step to introduce links between tarot and Celtic-theme studies. I continue to find value in my Hallowquest Arthurian deck and books. For me, The DruidCraft Tarot goes another step beyond these other decks.’ Excerpts from review by Cerulean