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Cosmiel’s Gift

Cosmiel'sGift copyAn excerpt from The Prophecies with images by Angela Lemaire

Author: Philip Carr-Gomm
Publisher: The Oak Tree Press – in e-book and paperback versions
Publication Date: August 2016
ISBN: 1903232058
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“ Since taking this ecstatic journey with Cosmiel, I no longer fear death. Instead I know of the wonders that lie in store for me, once freed of the physical body. Death, I now know, is a process of shedding, of letting go of attachments, of longings, of defences, of garments of thought and feeling that cover the pure radiance of the soul. ”

This small book is an excerpt from The Prophecies: A Novel by Philip Carr-Gomm, with additional material – a preface introducing the ‘ecstatic journey’ of the book’s protagonist, Hermann Kaestner, with the angel Cosmiel.


‘A story of the post-mortem journey of the soul which is utterly engaging. No knowledge of mysticism is needed to gain from this profound journey, though the inspiration is from Jewish mystical tradition. The lyrical prose has a timeless quality, underpinned by the rich symbolism of the planets, the Tree of Life and the Tarot, as the young man is stripped of his earthly body and the concerns and restraints that come from living ‘in time..’ and led by his guardian angel to the place of beginnings, the Primum Mobile. A thought-provoking read, with a clear message of the eternal nature of the soul, and the gift of freedom and peace that that knowledge can bring.’
Penny Billington, editor, Touchstone.