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Bill Nighy Challenges the Banks

March 11th, 2011

A Robin Hood Tax of just 0.05% on every financial transaction, or 50p in every 1000 pounds traded, could raise 250 billion pounds globally and 20 billion pounds here in the UK….Read more on Robin Hood site.

2 Responses to “Bill Nighy Challenges the Banks”

  1. leakage is still leakage.

    the cost has to be made up by a consumer eventually.
    whether you pay your credit card bill .20 a day or 6.00 a month, the only real step forward is to reduce unnecessary spending

  2. I totally agree that the banks need to be strictly controlled and that the whole banking process needs to be legislated away from the profit-chasing casino gambling that led to the meltdown in the first place. Time to rid ourselves of the golden handshakes, goodbyes and other vastly inflated bonus schemes that have pervaded the system. Dammit I’m even in favour of banning selfish second home ownership as I believe this inflates the housing market for local people who are being forced out of their areas.

    That being said, all the debts stored up by previous administrations have to be dealt with by the current coalition government. As someone who has always had to be careful with money I can’t see how we can continue spending if we don’t have the dosh! In my own life there is a sizeable gap between what I would like and what I can afford. So frankly I don’t see how we can afford not to cut as the alternative – piling on more debt – just isn’t viable. Some things that we treasure are going to have to suffer cuts. My wife used to work for the NHS and would never want it done away with but she is the first to admit that it is inefficient and needs massive reorganisation How we do it should be up for debate but sadly even it can’t be untouchable.

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