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" Seek the truth and run from

those who claim to have found it "

after André Gide

Beitha’s Sound & Chalice of the Mystic Rose

March 29th, 2019

I am always delighted to hear about how OBOD has impacted on members’ lives and creativity. What follows is a wonderful account by long-term member Carol Calvert of how her spiritual journey has developed and how it led her to write two fantastic books for young adults:

I began studies with the Order in 1995, and when I was told I had completed all the work some years later, I cried. Like a great book or a delicious meal, I did not want it to be over. And truthfully, I feel like I could study until the day I cross into the next world, and not be truly qualified to call myself a Druid. I just want to express my deep gratitude to Philip, Stephanie and all in the Order who have contributed so much and for so many years!

About the time I began the coursework, I became aware of a “guide” who called herself Brigid. She has been with me all these years and I truly believe has written through me, two novels, Beitha’s Sound and Chalice of the Mystic Rose (on Amazon.). These historical fiction spiritual adventure stories about Beitha, a sound healer and Druid, are packed with information I have gleaned through my studies with the OBOD, Brigid, and my time in the progressive Independent Catholic Church, where I was ordained to the Priesthood in 2006.

I presided at the famous Loretto Chapel here in Santa Fe, NM, with our church, for 16 years and also had the great privilege of playing harp and singing. My ministry was one of music, the love of nature and the importance of caring for Mother Gaia and all beings. The Christian/Druid combination seemed to be a good one.

In 2017 I was consecrated as Bishop of the Sacred Healing Order of Brigid’s Well, a bonafide healing order. Our main function is a prayer and healing list,
although local members get together for the seasonal festivals as well. We meet at a friend’s large house for meditation, music, dance, sharing and potluck. She is Jewish and we are always amazed at the connections between Druid and Jewish seasonal celebrations. We sometimes say that they are Druish, which sounds better than Jewid… you get the idea.

Over the years I have done some wee workshops on Practical Druidry in connection with my books; geared a bit more to life here in the U.S. I jokingly say it’s tough to be a Druid in Santa Fe, with only 2 kinds of trees, (Juniper and Pinion) and groves are scarce. We do however, have beautiful pines in the mountains. I have a stone healing circle on the hill above our house and can see in every direction. It is spectacular, and one gets used to the minimal green, with the mountains and the spectacular blue skies. Our night skies our incredible.

If anyone is interested in Brigid’s Well Healing Order and would like to be on our prayer list, I can be reached at We currently have around 50 members both Pagan and/or various religious and spiritual affiliations. Brigid’s Well honors both the Goddess Brigid and St. Brigid, and our mission statement is to do what we LOVE to do and dedicate our life force to the upliftment of all beings!

3 Responses to “Beitha’s Sound & Chalice of the Mystic Rose”

  1. I have known Carol for many years; first through the Church of Antioch of which we were both clergy and secondly as we both incardinated into the Ascension Alliance when the Church of Antioch suffered schism. I am also aware she is a member of the Order of Brigid’s Well.

    However, I did not know she is a Druid.

    How remarkable it is to see how all these distinct areas of spirit are amalgamated into one to serve The One.

  2. Thank you for sharing your journey on OBOD, it’s very inspiring.

    Kindly include me on your healing list.

    Thank you so much in advance.

    Sisterly yours
    Mina Sulit

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