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" The songs of our ancestors

are also the songs of our children "

The Druid Way

Become a Fool for Forests

June 7th, 2011

The Indian government wants to mine coal in the last remaining forests in central and eastern India. This will displace millions of people and much wildlife dependent on these forests. The forests can be kept safe and our power needs can be met with energy efficiency and clean renewable energy.

Those trying to keep these forests safe are being called foolish by India’s ‘smart government’. If they have their way, they’ll clear all our forests. We can’t let that happen. So let’s be foolish and save these forests.

Become a Fool for Forests and join the movement to save India’s forests.

8 Responses to “Become a Fool for Forests”

  1. Sadly enough, Brazil’s careless government is currently pushing a two-pronged attack on the Amazon Rainforest too: on the one hand they are forcing a very aggressive new Forestry Legislation that will allow serious deforestation where we already have problems; on the other, they’re about to start building a massive dam in the River Xingu, one of the Amazon’s most emblematic rivers – a deed that will spell the death and wipng out of several native ethnic groups by the flooding of large areas.. talk about irresponsible, inconsequent governments…

    Sad to see this is a global trend.

  2. What a horror. This is happening everywhere, unfortunately. Developers and corporations think they can plant a few ash trees after they’ve clear-cut and say that they’ve re-populated the trees. Astonishing.

  3. we should have to protect our forests not only because they are responsible for relesing 50% of the oxygen in the atmosphere because they are living beings like us.. and they are living in such a way so that other specises can also servive, they are protecting us so why shouldnt we protect them too..

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