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" The Holy Land is everywhere "

Black Elk

Awen & the Grail

May 31st, 2021

There’s a great deal of talk about the search for the grail.
But why search for the grail when that’s not really your goal?
When you are looking for a good meal or a coffee, you’re not looking for good crockery, surely?

Why don’t we talk about the search for what fills the grail?
Well, in Druidry we do – we talk about the search for Awen – spiritual illumination and inspiration.
But we miss something if we do not first tread the path of the grail-seeker,
because there’s a great secret in this – a great gift!

The gift of limitations, of containment. We search for the grail first, because we need to have the container ready first. Without the container, it’s like saying we want coffee and the waiter obliges, and just pours it all over us and the table.

In the world of art, the limitations of the medium govern the resulting artwork.
The limitations of language dictate the ability of the written word to move us, to even make sense.
The container of the Self, of ourselves, is the grail, the container, into which Awen can flow.

This turns everything on its head. It allows me to understand my limitations, my vulnerability, my weaknesses, my strength – everything I am, as the container, the grail vessel that will receive the elixir of Awen.

That’s why the first step is always ‘Seeker, Know Thyself’:  attending to the crockery rather than the meal. Getting the wine glasses out before pouring the wine, sweeping the house before the guest arrives. Not making things perfect. Making them ready. Finding emptiness before you can find fullness.

Finding the grail within, and then calling in the Awen.

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