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" If the world is a tree,

we are the blossoms "


Awen Book Launch

November 9th, 2016
Many thanks to my dear friend and fabulous poet Jay Ramsay for keeping me posted about a book launch from Awen Publications taking place in Stroud at the beginning of December. 
Awen are delighted to announce the publication of Lindsay Clarke’s new book A Dance with Hermes. Lindsay will be reading from the book, alongside Jay Ramsay reading from Places of Truth: Journeys into Sacred Wilderness, at a launch event in Black Books Cafe, Stroud, GL5 2HL, on Thursday 1 December, 8.00pm. Entrance £5 on the door (redeemable against the cost of a book). Contact: 01453 840887.
placesoftruthfrontcover-edit-1Jay’s Places of Truth is a wonderful collection that movingly explores the mystery and magic of place:
Poet and psychotherapist Jay Ramsay has been drawn to wild places all his writing life, in search of a particular deep listening experience. Here he shares his soundings. ‘Trwyn Meditations’, a sequence set in Snowdonia, begins this 24-year odyssey. ‘By the Shores of Loch Awe’ takes us to the fecund wilds of Scotland. ‘The Oak’ celebrates an ancient tree in the heart of the Cotswolds. ‘The Sacred Way’ is an evocation of Pilgrim Britain. ‘Culbone’ records the hidden history of the smallest parish church in England in a steep North Somerset valley near where Coleridge wrote ‘Kubla Khan’. The final sequences, ‘The Mountain’ and ‘Sinai’, take us beyond, in all senses, touching the places where we find I and Self.
Jay writes a little here about Lindsay Clarke’s work:

‘Lindsay Clarke is the foremost novelist of the imagination and the spirit alive today in Britain. Winner of the Whitbread Prize for Fiction for The Chymical Wedding (1991), his most recent novel The Water Theatre (2010) continues his preoccupation with modern psychological initiation and personal transformation. He is a gripping storyteller as well.

Lindsay has always been a poet in essence. His last collection, Stoker, which recalls his upbringing in Halifax is followed here by a return to alchemical themes in the figure of Hermes (a.k.a Mercurius), traditionally the winged messenger of the gods. A Dance with Hermes (Awen, 2016) is the result.a-dance-with-hermes

He will be launching this with a 40 min. presentation; I will be reading from Places of Truth now re-set in its 3rd edition. The evening is also a celebration of Awen Publications, founded in Bath by Kevan Manwaring and recently taken over by novelist & ecologist Anthony Nanson (Deep Time, 2015). Please visit

Those of you who saw Lindsay present at the Awen Forum Sub Rooms series in 2012-13 will remember how enjoyable he is to listen to, and I hope you will join us for this rich evening. ~ Jay Ramsay

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